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> Dustin Cook wrote:
>> "Jenn" wrote:
>>> I want an answer to my question, Peter. She [Heather] included me in
>>> her sentiment about non-jewish people. You and no one else
>>> corrected her or so much as told her it was wrong to even make such
>>> a statement.
>> Wait a minute now. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
>> AFAIK, the entire jewish discussion started by BD; your.. ehh,
>> friend. Not anyone here.
> That's exactly right. BD was the first to bring up "Jewish" in this
> thread:

Yep.. It went south pretty quickly, but BD did bring up the entire
religious aspect. Why? Probably to instigate and inflame.

> he sticks up for Jenn, who obviously by her own admission has no
> desire to "learn the truth" about the topic of these threads.
> BD seeks only to instigate and inflame.

Yes, clearly that is his motis operadi (sp?). Why else would he post an
easter post from a malwarebytes employee; and then have his sig say, Nice
guy Jenn?

"Hrrngh! Someday I'm going to hurl this...hrrngh.. nudge
this boulder right down a cliff." - Goblin Warrior

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Dave is not off to his boat painting. He is posting on the MS news server in the group. Go and see your idol working on his boat. Man oh man are
you taken for a ride by your idol. And try not to say he is taking a break from
painting the boat. He is not using his Mac to post but using his Desktop with OE
from home


Please Reply to Newsgroup for the benefit of others
Requests for assistance by email can not and will not be acknowledged.

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>> Jenn
>> Question. Why is BD hiding behind you.
> He's a grown man and has no need to hide behind me or anyone else. I don't defend
> him, in case you haven't noticed... I do post what I know to be true as far as
> when I see you or others make statements about him or his family that are
> incorrect.
>> He is not posting here and he is watching the whole thread. Is he afraid to stand
>> up for himself and is letting a female do the raking for him?
> Dave is off on his boat painting and cleaning it up for his summer boating
> adventures. He took his laptop with him for when he gets a break off and on from
> working on it. I've seen him online a few times since he went, but not for long
> and not often.
> --
> Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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>> Jenn wrote:
>>>I'd say I'm pretty ept when it comes to English and understand it.
>> "ept"?
>> Isn't it a bit ironic when someone commits a misspelling,
>> in the process of flaunting their expertise with language? <g>
> Almost as lame as the grammar cracks various people like to make. :) If
> you
> can read it, you did understand it, obviously.

The term was used quite often by my parents when I was growing up...

In case you did not see my response to ASCII:

Word Origin & History
1938, back formation from inept, usually with an attempt at comical effect.
Online Etymology Dictionary, � 2010 Douglas Harper
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Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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>>>> As if you guys are the only *experts* on the web ... LOL
>>> Oh, by no means. You have wannabes like pcbutts abound. :)
>> Again ... why do I care or why SHOULD I care about that person?? :)

> How do you feel about thieves?

I don't like thieves. Why?

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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>> "Jenn" <me(a)nowhere.whocareswhatthisemailisanyway> wrote in
>>> Frankly, I wish you all would take your bickering private, too, but
>>> ALAS, YOU WON'T, either... so unless you care to lead by example, I
>>> suggest you understand that you aren't any better than the people
>>> you complain about until you clean up your own ways of fighting and
>>> bickering on this ng yourself.
>> Blah. I'm better in one sense; I don't steal other peoples work and
>> try to pass it off as my own!
> I believe you. I've always considered you to be a good guy. Really!
> :)
>> As you will never understand why that
>> absolutely pisses so many of us off, theres no real point in further
>> communications. Your mind is clearly made up, for better or worse.
> I understand your feelings about having your work stolen. I would be
> upset, too, if my work were to be stolen, so I do understand your
> frustration.

He hasn't stolen any of my own work. He's just made a few low quality
pornos where he implies it's me as the lead character. :)

BugHunter wasn't a script file he could open with notepad, so I didn't
have to worry too much about him stealing or modifying my program.

If I ever was in ca for a visit or something and I met the sorry dude
face to face, I have to be honest. I would most likely walk right up to
the guy and start wailing on him. First, a quick punch to the throat (you
can't breathe, you can't fight) followed up by a quick plink of his eyes
(you can't see, you can't fight) and then a nice side knee kick.

Followed by a few round kicks to his upper chest facial area.

I'd probably even make him eat a printout of that horse pic he has. All
of it. Hell, I might even find a horserance and make him be a star.

By the time I was finished with him, no plastic surgeon in the world
could make him look normal again. I'd probably break his fingers too,
every single one of them.

A thief deserves nothing but harsh treatment. The finger breaking is
really to discourage further theft.

"Hrrngh! Someday I'm going to hurl this...hrrngh.. nudge
this boulder right down a cliff." - Goblin Warrior