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"Dustin Cook" <bughunter.dustin(a)> wrote in message
> "Beauregard T. Shagnasty" <a.nony.mous(a)example.invalid> wrote in
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>> Jenn wrote:
>>> You have not given me any reason to trust you, Peter. Using your
>>> disagreement with Dave in order to defend Heathers dig about religion
>>> is disappointing for sure.
>> You have your attributes misplaced. You can't see the trees for the
>> narrowboats.
>> It was your buddy ~BD~ who added the religion to the mix. Heather merely
>> replied and commented with a ROFL!! because it was so typical of Dave to
>> twist and go off-topic. Dave added
>> Who cares what religion anyone in this spyware group is?
>> Oh ok ... "SPYWARE IS CATHOLIC!!!!1!!"
> Oh, I'm going to get it for this one.. But... :)
> That would explain some of the raping the malware does to a box wouldn't
> it? :)
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From: Jenn on
"Peter Foldes" <okf22(a)> wrote in message
> Jenn
> You and BD make a fine pair. Your reputation as far as I am concerned (and
> I know quite a lot more people that are saying the same and worse) is way
> down in the gutters. You must have the same disease as BD does which
> unfortunately you have caught from him.

Peter... one day you say I'm a *fine woman*, another day you say I'm a *good
lady*. I choose to believe that you have good days when you are easier to
communicate with than on other days. I really don't mind being patient with
you because you are older than I am and you are from a different background
both living through times I didn't live through, and geographically we are
worlds apart, too. Perhaps, you don't understand me, which, I imagine you
don't, and that could come from us being so totally different, and we both
see things from the perspective based on our own personal experiences. You
are not so patient, but I am. What you don't really understand about me is
that I will seek to understand you despite whatever response you give to me.
You have a kind side, and a mean side, but I think the mean side comes out
when you are frustrated for whatever reason. Many people don't have good
communication skills when they are frustrated, but I make a point to not
respond if I am feeling frustrated so I can communicate better.

Why are you frustrated?

> Again. Open your eyes. What BD fed you is completely different from the
> actual truth is. Just had a thought. Why not move in with him. You will do
> Tracy a very big help. She can finally get her life back up and back to
> normalcy when she leaves.

Now you are just being silly ....
Jenn (from Oklahoma)

From: Jenn on
"Peter Foldes" <okf22(a)> wrote in message
> Jenn
>>I don't care who incited whom... the problem is when you complain about
>>someone dissing you, and then you go and do it back to them.... THEN you
>>say you did it because they *deserved it*. That sort of mentality just
>>opens the door for doing whatever you want to anyone IF you think THEY
>>DESERVE it. It wouldn't matter if the other person thought YOU DESERVED
>>what they gave you... they'd always be wrong for dishing it out first, and
>>you'd always be right for giving it back because THEY DESERVED it.

> You seem to be 1\2 backtracking and the other 1\2 back to you ignorant and
> fool ways. I have told you

I don't know where you ever got the idea that I have to do anything you
*tell* me to do, Peter. You have no authority to *tell* me to do anything.

> NOT 1 TIME but many times to stay out of the posts concerning BD . But NO.
> You with your complete ignorant outlook at this idiot sick lying Troll
> stick your nose in when you are wrong or right and not needed. You only
> look like a fool.

Better to *look* like something I'm not and tell the truth about what I
know, than to keep quiet and allow an untruth to run rampant when I can
attest personally to what IS true.

> Now that you have to have the last word all the time with everyone then
> post your answer and as usual the ignorant route.

It's not a contest, Peter.

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

From: Jenn on
"Peter Foldes" <okf22(a)> wrote in message
> Jenn
> Question. Why is BD hiding behind you.

He's a grown man and has no need to hide behind me or anyone else. I don't
defend him, in case you haven't noticed... I do post what I know to be true
as far as when I see you or others make statements about him or his family
that are incorrect.

> He is not posting here and he is watching the whole thread. Is he afraid
> to stand up for himself and is letting a female do the raking for him?

Dave is off on his boat painting and cleaning it up for his summer boating
adventures. He took his laptop with him for when he gets a break off and on
from working on it. I've seen him online a few times since he went, but not
for long and not often.

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

From: Beauregard T. Shagnasty on
Dustin Cook wrote:

> "Jenn" wrote:
>> I want an answer to my question, Peter. She [Heather] included me in
>> her sentiment about non-jewish people. You and no one else
>> corrected her or so much as told her it was wrong to even make such
>> a statement.
> Wait a minute now. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
> AFAIK, the entire jewish discussion started by BD; your.. ehh,
> friend. Not anyone here.

That's exactly right. BD was the first to bring up "Jewish" in this

> From: ~BD~ <BoaterDaveNoSpam(a)>
> Message-ID: <hqd5cq$cc0$1(a)>
> Are you and Peter members of the same club, David Lipman? Just tell
> the truth. You are both Jewish - yes? There is no need to be ashamed
> about that in 2010.

As if anyone's race or religion has anything to do with malware.

BD then went on to write:
> I have always answered every question asked of *me* truthfully. Jenn
> has taken the time and trouble to learn the truth. She is
> straight-forward and honest and takes an unbiased view. She *knows*
> that I seek only the *truth*! he sticks up for Jenn, who obviously by her own admission has no
desire to "learn the truth" about the topic of these threads.

BD seeks only to instigate and inflame.

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