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P� Tue, 04 Sep 2007 16:33:57 +0100, skrev Wolfgang Kern <nowhere(a)>:

> My idea is to fully emulate Linux within a special KESYS release.
> Covering a few hundred kernel functions seem not to be a big deal.
> But right, I'm afraid the C-source runtime compilations and most
> linux-'hw-drivers' may ask for 'some' workaround.

Dont want to push any pressure on you or anything, but I be keeping my
eyes open for such an event.

> __
> wolfgang
From: Frank Kotler on
CodeMonk wrote:

> You said:
> "Hutch left one out:"
> "I can heal the sick, I can raise the dead"
> Hutch actually said:
> "Its too late to heal the sick and
> there is no chance of raising the dead"
> So other than being an apparent contextomy, your point is?
> Then there's also this ...
> You said (many moons ago):
> "I can make the little women
> talk out of their heads."
> Which you rephrased for me as:
> "I can make your little woman
> talk all out of her head"
> "But, no... that's not me."
> And yet, so it was, and therefore, so it is.

Sorry. Line from "Seventh Son" a Willie Dixon tune popularized by Muddy
Waters. Googling for the phrase makes me realize how far on the other
side of the cultural divide I *am*!

> PSS: What, no Beverly Hillbillies Episodes today?
> They're almost heavenly.

See what I mean?

From: Frank Kotler on
//\\o//\\annabee wrote:

>> Mmmm... where the actual extension is ".dll"? (since you seem to be
>> looking at the Windows code...) What Linux sometimes does is to put a
>> "symlink" file in /lib ->

FWIW, I got that backwards. We want "" to point to

>> or whatever.
>> That might help you, but would mean that your users would have to
>> create such a symlink, too.
> Could not the tool or installer do it for them?

Yes, presumably so. __NR_symlink is 83, if we wanted to do this
installer in asm, using system calls. Never tried it, but I imagine it
works "as expected". The more usual way to do an install would be via a
script, but you could do an installer in asm, if you wanted to. I
suppose it wants a cartoon interface. This may be a "gotcha".

From: Evenbit on
On Sep 4, 11:34 am, "Wolfgang Kern" <nowh...(a)> wrote:
> Thanks, I better give this idea a break and wait for someone can
> at least point to the proper source of required informations.



From: Charles Crayne on
On Wed, 05 Sep 2007 00:01:48 -0700
Evenbit <nbaker2328(a)> wrote:

> I am looking at a Ubuntu/Debian package they call
> "libgtk2.0-dev" with a dozen or more dependencies that together become
> a 16MB download.

In the Fedora distribution, it appears to be called
gtk2-devel-2.10.14-3.fc7, and is described as:

The gtk+-devel package contains the header files and developer
docs for the GTK+ widget toolkit.

-- Chuck