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On Sep 5, 6:41 am, Frank Kotler <fbkot...(a)> wrote:
> Hmmm, I guess the Windows versions use just ld, not gcc. I wonder if I
> can learn from that.... Lessee... wouldn't have to tell Linux ld about
> subsystems - there's only one. How an you program in assembly when
> there's no one Windows, but all these different subsystems? :) "$LPATH"
> and "$LIBS"... looks the same as what we'd tell Linux ld...

I know you can do better than that, Frank. There is no sensible
reason to allow oneself to be led down a carpeted walkway. The
'SUBSYSTEM' parameter simply sets a flag in the PE header to tell the
OS loader to open a "console window" or not by default before starting
the newly-loaded process. The actual flag value is trivial because
any process can easily make use of either a "console window" or a "GUI
window" or both or no user interface at all.


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On Sep 5, 2:46 pm, Charles Crayne <ccra...(a)> wrote:
> On Wed, 05 Sep 2007 00:01:48 -0700
> Evenbit <nbaker2...(a)> wrote:
> > I am looking at a Ubuntu/Debian package they call
> > "libgtk2.0-dev" with a dozen or more dependencies that together become
> > a 16MB download.
> In the Fedora distribution, it appears to be called
> gtk2-devel-2.10.14-3.fc7, and is described as:
> The gtk+-devel package contains the header files and developer
> docs for the GTK+ widget toolkit.

Yes, "widget toolkit" sounds correct. Makes use of Pango, ATK+, Cairo
and the like. If I just wanted to code a "Hello, GTK!" I could just
grab the v1.2 dev package, but all the interesting items I want to
build either require this 2.0 toolkit or something like QT4. My
opinion is that Linux distros will become more appealling as more of
them include these "tools" on the install media ("out-of-the-box").

Thanks again!


From: Charles Crayne on
On Wed, 05 Sep 2007 12:29:22 -0700
Evenbit <nbaker2328(a)> wrote:

> all the interesting items I want to
> build either require this 2.0 toolkit or something like QT4.

Of the two, I prefer QT, which is also provided on the Fedora
distribution media.

-- Chuck
From: Wolfgang Kern on

Many thanks Nathan,

>> ..., I better give this idea a break and wait for someone can
>> at least point to the proper source of required informations.

> Here:

That was what I searched for.

Perhaps there was an easier way but now I got them on my HD,
even I now have downloaded the DIE-logo about 200 times.
I think to modify it and return the information to the public
in one single piece and perhaps more ASM-friedly :)
But this will take a while ...


From: Wolfgang Kern on

Wannabee skrev:

>> My idea is to fully emulate Linux within a special KESYS release.
>> Covering a few hundred kernel functions seem not to be a big deal.
>> But right, I'm afraid the C-source runtime compilations and most
>> linux-'hw-drivers' may ask for 'some' workaround.

> Dont want to push any pressure on you or anything,
> but I be keeping my eyes open for such an event.

Not in a hurry, first I need to check if it would be possible at all.
I like to keep my KESYS file-system (could work), but my memory
manager would need to become more windoze-like (paging and VM86).

My change to 64-bit is scheduled as a two years project and then
paging and VM join in the game anyway, so this could cover Linux
requirements and emulator implementation 'on the fly'.