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Required data provider properties could not be set
When I try to run an Access Form which should show a dynamic graphic, I obtained the messagge "Required data provider properties could not be set". Previous months, this form was working well. When I try to create a new Dynamic Graphic Form using the ACCESS Wizard Facility, I obtained the messagge: "The assis... 11 Apr 2007 08:38
How to Disable Undo Button After Each Click
Hi, I have added an Undo Changes button to my Access form, and I would like to somehow disable it after each click and re-enable it when a change is made to the form. Currently, I have the following code. Thanks for any help you might be able to give. Regards, Louis ============================== Private S... 5 Apr 2007 11:20
i can not save file after i create form wizard
i have trouble with save file with form wizard. i am using access2000 and window xp. i made table and query then I tried to make form with using wizard. after that i saved in toolbar, but it was not showed file list under the form. It is keep ask me "do you want to save changes to the design of form form1? so... 16 Mar 2007 17:39
Pivot Table won't Refresh on Open
Using Access 2000 I've created a Pivot Table in my form & when I open the Pivot into excell it won't "refresh on open" even after I've selected that option in the PivotTable Options. Thanks! ... 7 Mar 2007 19:27
Error Message 3020 Update or CancelUpdate without AddNew or Edit
Hello and happy holidays... I have an issue i hope I can find the answer to. I have a password protected command button on a form that will duplicate the record when the password has been entered. The form then duplicates the record but the problem is an Unbound textbox named "txtFindAsUTypeValue" is causing E... 14 Dec 2006 11:22
Access 2007 Split Forms
Can anyone tell me how to programatically select a row in the Datasheet section of a Split Form? Also where I can read up on the Alternate Back Color as I have been unable to get this to work properly with split forms. Thank you ... 13 Dec 2006 12:56
Multiple criteria in dlookup?
I've read all there is on dlookup but can't find any examples where dlookup has multiple expressions. Example : my db wants to check 1) If two dates(arrive and depart) don't clash for 2) a room in the db,no double bookingd. Worse even all the fields are on one form, so I'm not looking for a field on a different tab... 19 Jan 2006 04:57
runtime error 2585
How can i solve this error: "This action can't be carried out while processing a form or report event" -- Regards Patrick Stubbin ... 5 Oct 2005 11:56
template for CB7-0C name badge inserts
Help?! I'm trying to find a Word template to make these name badge inserts. The other # on the badge inserts are Avery 74549 Thank you for your help! ... 26 Sep 2005 04:44
Form - Macro - Function
Hi I have a database that I created and have used for some time. There have been no changes to it in months except the addition of data. The form on opening invokes a macro, that calls a function. Everything has been fine until now. It says the Macro failed, and all I can press is the HALT button; after this... 13 Feb 2005 04:51
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