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must have 2 records in subform
I need help really really bad!! Access 2003 I have a main form f040ProjectMain(PK ProjectID) I have a continuous subform f4ProjKeyMilestones. How can I verify that the user has, at minimum, two records in the continuous subform. one record with at least one KeyMilestonesSubID = 12 and ActualDt and another r... 11 Nov 2009 16:52
How to get each item, Last date it was sold
Hello All, I need a list from All the Items in the Inventory, the Last Date each item was sold, and the qty sold on that date. Doug Steele told me to use a subquery, it works fine with one table but when I have a Header and a Detail table (the date is in the Header) I cant get it to work. The following code w... 9 Nov 2009 16:39
bookmark bug access 2003
Hi, I am using Access 2003 11.8166.8221 SP3. Can anyone confirm or deny if the bookmark bug has been fixed in this version? I am using the bookmark in a form to locate records and even though I have not encountered any problems, I wonder if I am safe. Here is my code. As well is it better to use On Click or Afte... 8 Nov 2009 02:05
combo box and saving to table
I can select 1 value from a 2 column combo box and save problem. I can even display the 2nd value of the combo box in a text field. But, is there a way to select 2 values from the combo box and save column(0) to one field and column(1) to another field in the same table ? For Example, ID -- 10 Na... 5 Nov 2009 16:47
Limit decimal places without format statement
I wish for my query to display two decimal places without truncating the original data. I've accomplished this goal by using the format function in the query, but this function converts the numeric data to string. Consequently, programmatically filtering a form (which displays the query) for numerical ranges fails,... 4 Nov 2009 17:32
Preventing Form from moving
I have a master form with tabs, most of which have subforms on them. One of them has no subfrom, but a control that isn't linked to the master table. When I use the keyboard shortcut to go to that tab, the master form moves up in the screen, obscuring important fields. I am sorry that I'm posting this more t... 3 Nov 2009 17:07
I have an Access program where I am updating Attendance to a class . I want to set a variable as the class number so I dont have to enter it for every student. It worked once... but I must have changed something and its not working now... and there was a bug when I got it to work. on Class Controller Form ... 1 Nov 2009 20:59
Form Pop-up
Hello, and thank you First let me say that I am VERY new to ACCESS so please answer in 'simple' terms and please excuse my terms ans they my be wrong. I am Trying to set up a Classroom Database that willkeep track of my students and their grades, reports ect... I have three forms that I want to display ... 1 Nov 2009 22:06
ucase on change
I have a textbox that the user wants to have all caps while he types into the textbox. The following code is in the onchange event for the textbox. txtNameKey.Text = UCase(txtNameKey.Text) txtNameKey.SelStart = Len(txtNameKey) + 1 This takes the textbox back to the first letter and overwrites it. I want ... 1 Nov 2009 14:24
"&" displays as "_" at form view In access
I type "Invoices & Orders" in a label on a Swithcboard in design view. When I go to Form view or even give focus to anything else besides the label, the ampresand turns to an underline "_". How do I prevent this so the "&" displays in Form vire? ... 1 Nov 2009 16:36
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