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record in datasheet
I have a form which is in datasheet format and would like to have the record that is found by docmd.findrecord highlited instead of just arrow to the left of first column. How would this be done? ... 1 Nov 2009 23:14
Problem with TreeView on a shared subform
I have a subform that contains a treeview that is populated with tasks and their followups etc... I want this subform to be placed on a number of parent forms which will invoke a sub on the subform to populate the treeview using a filter based on the value of the main forms entity... ie when on the customers f... 29 Oct 2009 20:59
HELP: Error! No document variable supplied
Hi All, I have created a button in access form that exports certain details from the form to a word template. But when exporting textfields that has no values (on access form) displays an error: Error! No document variable supplied. Here is my code to resolve this issue but it's not working. With doc ..v... 22 Oct 2009 15:18
Change Listbox Column Heads
I have a Sql String that fills the rowsource of a list box, and the Column Head are shown. I would like to change the column Heads to something other than the actual field_name. How do i do this In Access 2003? ... 15 Oct 2009 17:13
Form-continue scrolling through the records (auto-repeat)
In the previous versions of Access, I could create a form with Navigation Buttons along the bottom. When I placed the cursor on the 'Next Record' button and pressed the mouse button, the form would scroll through records until I released the mouse button. I cannot duplicate this behavior in Access 2007 because it w... 6 Oct 2009 23:49
Invio sequenziale di e.mail da un form
Salve a tutti. Su una form, basata su una query parametrica, per ciascuno dei record evidenziati ho creato un pulsante a cui ho associato il comando "DoCmd.SendObject ..." con il quale invio al destinatario un report (formato snapshot). Il report � basato su un'altra query parametrica, collegata ad uno dei campi ... 4 Oct 2009 08:49
Cartuchos Dsi 56356
Donde comprar cartuchos dsi, comprueba esta pagina web donde estan los distribuidores de r4i,ezflash y m3i zero. saludos Pedro $Xe&&z.oF^h$PUmR,?RCK)Pmw ... 1 Oct 2009 05:00
Access 2007 this database has been opened read only
Have a small Access DB that was designed in 2007. Standard xxxx.accdb file on a server. Has been working fine for several months. All of the sudden last week it is opening with the "This database has been opened read-only. You can only change data in linked tables, To make changes, save a copy of the database."... 21 Sep 2009 10:01
The expression you entered has a function name that Microsoft Offi
Hi, Using Microsoft Access 2003. I have a form, which has the following two field camps: - Number of plane - Sheet of plane The aim of the form is to show how much revisions are with these two information fields. For this reason , when you click a button to show the results, it executes a query which giv... 20 Sep 2009 12:56
Using IIF with checkbox?
"Amelia" <Amelia(a)>, iletisinde şunu yazdı, news:107301AF-FF03-4708-81E4-006A13761B6D(a) First, can you use IIF with a checkbox? What I want to do is if the checkbox is marked(item is sold), then after update (checkmark is checked) I want it to append that item to a... 19 Sep 2009 11:29
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