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Summing based on dates
I go running and have a mileage log. I have a list of non-continuous dates in column A (i.e. I don't run every day), and mileage figures in column B. On a separate part of the worksheet I want to put a summary table that shows a summary by week. So the first column will be "weekending" date and the second column... 10 Apr 2010 22:19
Macro - onAction arguments
Hello. I have this code: Private Sub Workbook_SheetBeforeRightClick(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) Application.CommandBars("Cell").Reset For Each Worksheet In Application.Worksheets With Application.CommandBars("Cell").Controls With .Add .Caption = Worksheet.Name .OnAction = "s... 10 Apr 2010 17:55
Pivot table field list missing
I'm using 2007 and have created several pivot tables from this particular database but now, suddenly when I create a pivot table from scratch, the field list is not displayed although the show/hide buttons on the ribbon are lit up. My active cell is inside the table, what have I done wrong??? Regards Diane ... 11 Apr 2010 07:58
Running total based upon current date
I have cells with dollar values from formulas and i am trying to place the total of all those values in another cell based upon the current date backwards. An IF gives me a #name result. I know i am not using the Date command properly, but i can't figure out how to do it. can anyone help me? I used =IF(Date... 10 Apr 2010 12:25
separate text and number
dear sir in Cell A1 is "rajulu1234". i want in cell B1 "rajulu" & cell C1 "1234". please help me. thanks advance. raju ... 10 Apr 2010 23:24
Keyboard shortcut for Paste Special-Values
Perhaps an addition would be the ability to assign meaning to an open hot key, example ctrl-alt-shift-v might mean past values in Excel. The ctrl-alt-v does indeed bring up the past special dialog box in excel 2007 and is quite useful. ... 10 Apr 2010 08:02
Searching based on text
I am building an Excel to recall stats for TV sports. There are three workbooks, Home, Away and League. The league sheet has all of last season's stats. In all workbooks the player's name is in column A. Because each player has different stats based on his position, I want to select the columns returned bas... 10 Apr 2010 21:14
vlookup formula error
I am trying to lookup a value in one worksheet, find an approximate match in another table, and return the corresponding value from the 2nd column of the lookup table. I get either #NA or #REF! Please help!?!?! ... 10 Apr 2010 09:07
How to set up a conditinal formula w/letters vs numbers?
I'm trying to create a conditional formula that will say true if the cell contains a certain string of words and false if it doesn't. For example: If in cell A3 it says "yello" then true If in cell A3 it says "black" then false If in cell A3 it says "white" then false However, it gives me an error message;... 10 Apr 2010 01:35
Average with Conditions
I need to a formula that will look at column c and if it contains a certain text say "dog" I want to average the price located in column H Thanks -- ce ... 9 Apr 2010 22:18
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