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Countif for finding a Time input
Got a big long column D containing times formatted as i.e. 13:30. I am trying to do a countif function for finding the count of inputs between 6 am and 6:59 am, and 7am and 7:59 etc. Can't find the right combination of using logic => and < within the countif formula... appreciate any help here.. ... 13 Apr 2010 20:43
Days in Text to Dates SPECIAL
Through great effort, I have sorted and averaged the patient demand for appointments over the last three years. For instance, now I know how many patients to expect on the "3rd Tuesday in November". Is there a way to tell MS Excel to present to me the date in FY10 which corresponds to the concept "3rd Tuesday... 13 Apr 2010 17:22
Conditional Formatting based on match to external list
Hi, I have a list of companies, need to look at a separate list of countries and, if any of the companies are in countries found in that list, I want to highlight the cell containing the company country value. Basically, I need a formula that looks at the company country value, then searches the entire lis... 14 Apr 2010 06:36
General numbers lookup from FY-PP-WK-D resulting in MM-DD-YY
I have 8 numbers in general format in the J column of the main! sheet: 20100416 20100527 20100427 20100513 20100414 These numbers represent dates as follows: YYYY ( Fiscal year)-Pay Period ( 01 thru 26)-(week of pay period, either 1 or 2), and day of week; 1=sat, 2=... 14 Apr 2010 11:04
changing formula
I have the formula bellow, which is getting a number from a worksheet within the permanent file to be added to the monthly worksheet. =$H$270+'\\\filespace\shared\Shared\_NewShare\SCHEDULES\[Spring10Perm.xlsx]BSched'!$H282 When changes are made to the permanent file, these changes are not always carried... 13 Apr 2010 16:13
If & Vlookup statement
I am trying to lookup 2 separate ranges based on the IF statement. For example If B3="PWR-PHYS" then I need it to lookup(A3,'DatePivot'!A1:B20,2) But if B3 does not = "PWR-PHYS", then i need it to lookup(A3,'Location'!A1:B20,2) So whether it equals pwr-phys or doesnt, I need a value returned from separate lo... 16 Apr 2010 16:14
How do I set NETWORKDAYS to regard friday and saturday as week
PERFECT... IT WORKS :) Thanks you... "Biff" wrote: Hi! Try this: A1 = start date A2 = end date =NETWORKDAYS(A1+1,A2+1) If you need to exclude holidays: H1:H10 = list of holiday dates Entered as an array using the key combination of CTRL,SHIFT,ENTER. =NETWOR... 13 Apr 2010 12:50
Validation list with formula?
I'm not sure I am going to explain this right - but here goes. I have a project open in excel - the main page is a form to fill in, with which I use drop down lists (via data->Validation then choose list. My data is on a different sheet in the same work book. What I would like to do is when a user selects one ... 14 Apr 2010 20:05
Change the weekends
Dears, I want to calculate the working-days of my subordinates and I usually I use the function NETWORKDAYS but in this country the weekends are Saturday and Friday?! What should I do? BR ... 13 Apr 2010 12:50
How can a get a number to round in the formula bar when it is already rounded on the worksheet. Ex: Formula Bar says 16651107.5346 and the worksheet has 16651108 so I can total a column correctly? Thanks! Cynthia ... 13 Apr 2010 13:58
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