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Vlookup issue
When using vlookup fuction - not looking up numeric only data =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A3,'Inventory Items'!$A$3:$D$888,'Inventory Items'!$C$1,FALSE)),"",(VLOOKUP(A3,'Inventory Items'!$A$3:$D$888,'Inventory Items'!$C$1,FALSE))) it will lookup A3 if it is a alpha or mixed but will not if it is numeric only. Do I hav... 20 Apr 2010 12:24
IF and Right Functions
Hello, I have part #'s that end in 3 or 4 characters, some with a space. I would like to display the last 3 or 4 characters in another column. I tried using the IF and Right functions and have not solved it. I thank you in advanced for your help on this formula. Example: Part # New Column (Res... 22 Apr 2010 19:45
Sum Function Visible Cells only
if column a has the number 1, column b has the number 1 and column c has the number 1, column d has the function sum(A1:C1) for a total of 3. how can a change the formula so that I get an answer of 2 when column b is hidden. ... 20 Apr 2010 13:26
Changing the range for averages with out changing the formula.
Hi I would like to create a column to list cells that would be excluded from an average. I don't want to change the formula because I want to lock those cells. Is this possible? The main reason I want to lock the formula is because I want it to be clear if any values are excluded. Example of what I ... 20 Apr 2010 10:20
Saving & Removing VB Code from WB
Hi everyone 1. I'm looking for something in VB that will save a copy of my workbook "in the background" to another location on a network drive. 2. During the SaveAs process delete all VB code from the "Saved As Workbook" So, would it be easier to just save the WB, then run Chip Pearsons "DeleteAllVBACode()... 20 Apr 2010 07:15
i have saved a excel file in workspaces wrongly what is the proceedure to change this file in excel ... 20 Apr 2010 08:17
For safety
man hours calculations as per indian standared. for the month,year,deducts for the ltis, fatals. MamaMi wrote: Man hours calculation 01-Oct-08 How do I calculate man hours for a month? Previous Posts In This Thread: On Wednesday, October 01, 2008 6:18 AM MamaMi wrote: Man hours calculation How... 20 Apr 2010 03:07
Reconciling Invoice & Credit
Hi there, can somebody please help. Below is the data table I have. On the 4th column "Status", I need to know which invoices remain outstanding and which ones cancel off (squares with Credit amount) and returns the Doc reference # (if any) on the fifth column. Will appreciate very much if you can teach me a... 20 Apr 2010 12:24
Excel corrupts when asking to update vlookups
We are experiencing weird behavior with some Office 2K3 Excel spreadsheets that contain lots of calculations, but no macros. On some pc's Excel acts normally, on others you get the error. I have a couple of screen shots available. Any help is appreciated. ... 20 Apr 2010 09:18
Formula Excel
Wondering if someone would be able to help me with this: A B C Year Year Service 01-Sep-89 30-Jun-10 = 21 Years Teachers From September 1, 1989 to June 30, 1990 = 1 Year of Service. I know it only 10 months, but that is their year. Is there a formula that could caculate the number of years ... 21 Apr 2010 09:28
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