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how do I perform an interpolation analysis using Excel?
I am trying to perform an interpolation analysis report for my physical chemistry lab class. We have to use Excel, but I have no idea how to do it there, any help would be appreciated. My report is due tomorrow, thanks. ... 18 Apr 2010 17:32
Vlookup and Data Validation Q
I am trying to use a DataValidation cell value to do a lookup and I get #N/a Cell N101 = a Data Validation list value Lookup formula in O101 = =VLOOKUP(N101,Sheet3!A$3:C$248,1,FALSE) Above returns #N/a, but the value I want is in Sheet3!A3 and N101 is in Sheet3!B3 What am I doing wrong? ... 18 Apr 2010 11:58
What does this formula mean [$-F400]h:mm:ssAM/PM
What does this formula mean [$-F400]h:mm:ssAM/PM I am using Excel 2007. I have a spreadsheet I'm trying to understand and when I custom format on a time value in the spreadsheet the above formula shows -- With Appreciation Glenn Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa ... 18 Apr 2010 06:30
Hi I have a spreadsheet with numerous addresses in col. A 1-999 15 Smith Street Jonestown 21 George Street Blacktown etc. In col B. 1-166 I have the name of all the suburbs in our region How can is sort col. A by suburb using the name of the suburbs in Col.B. ? Any help much appreciated Regards Step... 17 Apr 2010 21:49
Lookup Question
I have a worksheet that has Zip codes that needs to be matched with a master zip code list with assigned names. One worksheet has a column called “Ship Zip” the other worksheet has two columns that I need to relate to the “Ship Zip” column, the first is a column “Zip Code” and the second is a column “Sales... 17 Apr 2010 19:40
What happened to setting up a constant using F4?
I used to be able to merely use F4 in a formula to keep a cell constant. Now it seems it doesn't work. What did they change it to? ... 18 Apr 2010 03:09
Font by way of function?
Hi guys... Is there a function that assigns the font for a given cell or range? Or am I required to code it in VB? ... 19 Apr 2010 13:39
Store formulas in Vlookups? (another try ;)
Is there a way to store formulas as text in a Vlookup table and then retrieve and activate them? For example, below I do a lookup on "Dog" (A1), return the text C1&D1 from the table and slap an equal sign onto the front of it. This does not magically activate the text into a formula, unfortunately. main spreadsheet A... 17 Apr 2010 02:08
Date question
Is there a simple formula that will give the difference between two dates in MONTHS? Today() - (6-1-2003) = MONTHS ... 18 Apr 2010 10:52
Function to seacrh for a word across multiple columns
Hi, I have four columns of data (C-F) I need to search for a particular word. The data is addresses, i.e. it combines text and numbers and the word I'm searching for can appear anywhere within it (or not at all). The function I require will return 1 if it does and 0 if it does not. Have tried various iteration... 19 Apr 2010 04:19
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