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I want to combine three cells with 'Concatenate' function and get the result like cell A1 = 10 (emp code) cell B1 = filename.xls cell C1 = sheet1'!A1 my coding is =concatenate(a1,b1,c1) --- it should show the content of cell A1 in 10filename.xls , since the A1 is changeable. rpmani ... 16 Apr 2010 14:00
Sum of retuned valus as digits
Hello there, I am using IF function to return values as digits. Now I need the sum of such digits in a coloumn. Pease help me to do this. Thank you Jeevan ... 16 Apr 2010 06:11
search a row for a word and if found
I have 4 columns (C to F) I need to search row by row for a particular word. If the word is found in a row, I need to return 1 in Column G or 0 if not found. I've tried various iterations of IF\SEARCH\MATCH and so on. The four columns contain address lines, i.e. a mixture of text and numbers and the word can ap... 16 Apr 2010 06:11
Finding NEXT to last, non zero numeric value in a row
trying to find a way to automatically return (via formula, not macro- I don't know squat about macros), automatically return the NEXT TO LAST, non zero, numeric value in a row of cells. All info in the range is numeric. I found this one to find the LAST value: =LOOKUP(E1+100,1/(B3:CQ3),B3:CQ3) but i need th... 16 Apr 2010 09:28
copy formula
In Sheet a, i have these info Employee Number hiring date 122555 apr 5, 2010 152666 apr 4, 2010 123554 apr 4, 2010 451225 apr 5, 2010 In Sheet b, i need this info (that pulls from Sheet a) Employee Number hiring date 122555 ... 16 Apr 2010 01:52
Hi, I have a few hundred rows. Each row contains a person information and amount. There are multiple rows with the same person, but different amount. I want to create a formula in each row on a separate column (D) that only adds the amount for the same person. I do not want to use subtotal because it add... 15 Apr 2010 22:35
Interval between now and next birthday
I need to calculate the interval between a date next year and a person's next birthday after that. Sorry if this has been answered, but I can't find it. Many thanks. ... 16 Apr 2010 09:28
Function similar to "LEFT"
I'm trying to separate the last name from the first name in a field. I can get the first name by using the "left" function. Does anyone know how to get the last name? I tried using "right" function but on some it gives me the whole last name plus part of the first name, others it gives me some of the letters... 16 Apr 2010 01:52
annuity calculation for monthly payments but quarterly compoundin
I see the "Future Annuity Calculator" template but what I'm trying to do is calculate the FV of annuity based on monthly payments with quarterly compounding. FV calculation will not allow the mix. ... 15 Apr 2010 18:07
Average numbers in noncontiguous columns ignoring 0's.
I need to average numbers that are not in contiguous columns, and I need to ignore zeros. Is this possible? ... 16 Apr 2010 09:28
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