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Problem with Typing "&" in Excel Header section
Hi, I am trying to type up the following in the Header section in Excel: King & Bay Financial Review. However, the "&" is not being recognized. It's coming up as King Bay Financial Review. Is there any way I can still type in the ampersand sign in the Header section? Thanks. Shams. ... 26 Mar 2010 12:00
Copy & Paste
Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to copy and paste information from one cell to multiple cells when there is intermitant data in a column. For example, Example: Column A In row 1 I have the word "operations" with rows 2 - 10 blank and then In row 11 I have the word "Courier" and rows 12-22 blank I... 26 Mar 2010 20:30
Printing in excel always comes out in bold even tho bold not on
When I print in excel my work always comes out in bold even though the bold is not switched on. Any suggestions?? ... 26 Mar 2010 10:24
Copying Hyperlinks
I am creating a new workbook and copying and pasting worksheets into it from existing .xls files, and sucessfully copying hyperlinks across using the PasteSpecial Paste:=x1PasteAll, Command The hyperlinks however are staying exactly as in the existing workbook and failing to link to the object. Is there any ... 26 Mar 2010 06:56
How to extract the number of pages in a cell (Excel 2003)
Hi, I would like to extract the total number of pages of an Excel file in a cell so that it is updated automatically. I need to mention the total number of the printed pages in my document (This document contains XX pages and may not be reproduced other than in full). Can you help me? ... 26 Mar 2010 06:56
Where is the graphics selection pointer in excel 2007?
I used to be able to click on the graphics selection tool in office 97 on the left end of the drawing toolbar then click and drag over multiple graphics to select them all. Then I could group them etc. What do i do now? ... 26 Mar 2010 01:26
speak cells in Excel
Someone has changed the settings on my computer so that every time I enter anything in a cell, the computer speaks what I typed in upon hitting the enter key. I have no idea how this setting got changed. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to make it stop speaking the contents of the cell? I have Office 2007,... 26 Mar 2010 01:26
lost all comments from excel squares
... 25 Mar 2010 23:12
Track Changes Colour
In Excel 2003, how can I change the colour that track changes displays in? At the moment changes are showing up in Navy which is not easily identifiable against black. ... 25 Mar 2010 22:03
inserting a worksheet
is there any way of inserting a worksheet that does not have a sheet number on it. would be handy for using in macros. ... 7 Apr 2010 23:38
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