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random sampling
Hi, I just seen this post from a while back and I think it should work for me too. May I just check - do you have any tips for working with large databases? I am expecting an extract of about 150,000 records with only about 15 data fields for each. I think it should read into Excel 2007, but I want to save... 25 May 2010 12:26
How can I remove ALL hyperlinks in a document in Excel 2003?
I would like to Remove ALL hyperlinks instead of one by one in Excel 2003 ... 25 May 2010 13:33
Mysteries on msnews.
Hello All! I note that m.p.excel.misc disappeared this morning from It seems to be alive and well on eternal-september but I restored it to msnews just now and it seems to be receiving the same posts. What's going on? -- James Silverton Potomac, Maryland Email, with obvious a... 25 May 2010 13:33
format cells depending on value range
Using Excel 2003 and am trying to format cells depending on a range of values e.g. If the value is less than 50.999% then colour the cell red If the value is between 51% and 74.999% then colour the cell orange If the value is more than 75% then colour the cell green I have managed to get the first and thi... 25 May 2010 11:19
Data validation
Hi, I'm reusing a worksheet with a mixture of data validation and data entry cells. The data validation is based on a list and the first cell in the list is blank. Because the worksheet has been filled in I would like to re-set all data without removing the text in the non-data val cells in between. Is t... 25 May 2010 11:19
dd/mm/yy if i change to some other format
if i change this format 07/03/2009 to some other format through right click, and format cells - date - 07-mar-2009 but the change will be happen to this format July/03/009. But i wnt only on this format dd/mm/yy thanks for helping me. ... 25 May 2010 10:13
xls:1 but no xls:2
Hi, I have a workbook which opens with the window title filename.xls:1 as if there are two or more views of the same workbook. However, there is only one view I can find (I have minimised the window within Excel, looked for other Excel windows but to no avail). When I try to close the file (ctrl-w or click... 25 May 2010 10:13
Excel 2007, where are ribbon settings kept?
My IT dept have removed my documents and settings folder as it was causing problems and all of my old settings have been lost including my macros on the ribbon and my pinned files in the main menu. Can I copy these from a file into my new settings as I still have access to the old folder? Thanks ... 25 May 2010 13:33
Insert symbol as a header for a column
I would like to insert 1/5 as a fraction header for a column. You can select from the symbol menus say for instance under the Airal choices menu as there are a small number of fraction signs to select. I do not want to particular type in 1/5 or 1/5th as I want the looks that are obtained from using the symbol i... 25 May 2010 06:57
Run macro only if
Hi, i need a macro to run if A1 contains "John" and C1 contains "Mari", and if D1 is blank. If this criteria is not mached, then the macro to display a message. Can this be done? Thanks! ... 27 May 2010 17:04
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