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attach a file
I have a table of employees with data such as EmplName, Status, Jobsite, DateHired, PayRate. I would like to link each employee to a form where the Project Manager can write down day to day comments on each employee. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to set this up. Thanks a lot, Bob76 ... 15 Apr 2010 22:35
microsoft.public.access.conversion ... 14 Apr 2010 23:22
I also need to ajust the length of fields
What i can't manage to do is when i have something like this when the user works in english : labelinenglish : ________________ in french you get : labelenfrancais : ________________ how can i mange so that the input line always arrives at the end of the label ? The length of the label being variab... 15 Apr 2010 01:34
Load query with outdata until search
I have a form with sub form on it I use this form to search for products we keep in stock with prices, I have a Search text box on the form then i type in the product then hit the search button and it requerys the sub form Only problem i have is when i first load the form it show every product in the subform, ... 14 Apr 2010 20:05
Crosstab Query - Multiple Value Responses
I've created a crosstab from a table with data laid out like this: Group Section Title A One John - Manager A One Joe - Analyst A Two Jane - Director B Three Sue - Director B One Bill - Manager C Two Bob - Analyst C Two Tom - Director C Three Jim - President D One Linda - Analyst D Two Lucy - Manager I'd ... 15 Apr 2010 11:24
How to adjust physical lengths of fields
I am new to the 2007 version of Access. I have a table with three fields: ID#, Last Name, and First Name. When I am in the Design View and added all the fields and their captions, each box outline is the same length. The current layout is a vertical alignment for each box such as this: ID# ________... 16 Apr 2010 13:59
Hyperlink in access 2007 opens with intranet instead of windows vi
I have a database that has alot of pictures that are hyperlinked. Somer are pdf's and other's are jpg's. In the old Windows XP access opened the files with Windows picture Viewer. We upgraded machines to windows 7 and it opens jpg files with windows viewer. The files are associated correctly. Any suggestio... 14 Apr 2010 16:41
How to make form to accept new data but no change for old data?
Im using a datasheet view to look at two tables. I dont know how to make it so that I can only add data into both of these datasheets but not be able to change previous data. How can I do this in a datasheet view and a form view. I asume its a property somewhere? I can get it so I cant add or change anything but ... 15 Apr 2010 15:53
Save or Update command
I have looked through this discussuion group for how to create an update or save button to use on a form. Apparently everyone knows how to do it, they keep mentioning it in their posts but how exactly do you create it? I have a form based on a query, based on one table. The form has 30 fields that can be updated... 14 Apr 2010 12:11
outlook 2007 app crash error
I keep getting this error..can someone help Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: OUTLOOK.EXE Application Version: 12.0.6423.1000 Application Timestamp: 49b08185 Fault Module Name: olmapi32.dll Fault Module Version: 12.0.6423.1000 Fault Module Timestamp: 49b08045 E... 14 Apr 2010 12:11
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