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Gene wrote:

> Gene: Strangely, some here on the group don't seem to think such things
> matter. Of course, I sincerely hope such individuals aren't brought
I was dead against reporting people who people thought they broke an NDA
1-There was no suggestion a NDA was in place
2-The guy was actually doing a favour to the community by posting photos

It's entirely different to thinking NDA do not matter. If I have signed
such document, I will respect all terms of it

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John H Meyers wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 17:44:35 -0500, John H. Reinhardt wrote:
> > I don't really need anything as high powered as the HP50g
> > but I had been hankering for a scientific calculator for a while
> > and my 19c's ni-cd batteries are just not up to snuff anymore.
> I've never seen its battery pack, but in every other pack I've seen,
> the cells can be replaced (nowadays with NiMH).
> How's the printer doing?
> Maybe HP could copy those "eveready bunny" ads, e.g.
> "my HP calculators just keep going, and going, and going..."
> (and will probably outlive me, if I don't sell them off :)
> Thanks for your fresh viewpoint.
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The calculator has a built in charger and I think something has gone
wrong with it because the last two battery packs I bought (from HP at
about $30 each in the mid 1980's) died very quickly. At least they
failed to hold a charge. It's been a long time since I've looked into
the problem, perhaps for old time's sake I should just to see.

The last time I used the printer it worked fine, however I ran out of
the thermal paper for it and at the time it wasn't financially prudent
to hunt up any more. Again, perhaps I should look around and see
what's available. I could probably get some sort of thermal paper and
cut it into strips that would fit.

I remember when the 41c came out, I dearly wanted one but couldn't
justify the upgrade from the 19c while I was in school, then later my
career choice (computer sys admin) didn't really justify it either and
I drifted out of touch of th HP calculator world (except for my ex's
12c left over from her MBA days). But I digress...

John H. Reinhardt

From: Chris Smith on
JB <wjbudd(a)> wrote:
> I do see some enthusiasm on this site for the 50g though but I think it
> quite likely that most of those messages are coming from Hp marketing
> personel?

Uh, right. And world governments are hiding evidence of UFOs, right?
On an unrelated note, it's amazing how many secret plots there were to
assassinate JFK.

Skepticism about product quality is one thing. Paranoia is another. Be
careful to stay on the right side of that line.

(Incidentally, I have a 50G and it works fine. Then again, I never had
any problems with the 49G+ either. I am convinced it's a matter of
level of expectations and usage patterns. I doubt if someone who hasn't
used a 41 of a 48 would notice anything to complain about. If I
complained about something regarding my early 49G+ calculator, it would
be the inexplicable lack of will of the calculator to automatically
restore previous options after doing some calculation in approximate
mode or complex mode.)

Chris Smith
From: John H Meyers on
On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 19:56:51 -0500, JYA wrote:

> and you weren't under a NDA when you reviewed prototypes ?
> would be extremely unusual.
> In which case whatever you posted here is in breach of such agreement.

So would be the web page, but it may not be at all;
see "Teacher devices" in this mediocre translation into English:

Or for French output ("Appareils d'enseignant"):

But don't wait for an answer from the accused
(after all, Inspector Javert never bothered :)

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From: John H Meyers on
Well, the more obvious slogan
for HP (800-HP-INVENT) vs. TI (800-TI-CARES)
should actually be:

"An ounce of invention is worth a pound of care"

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