From: Yao Konan on
Hi Mr Kuyumcu,

In fact i would just want to know 2 or 3 things if you have had the
time to slighty explore the tool:

* Does it have 3D plotting at all ?
* Does it look notably faster than the TI89 Titanium ?
* Is it programmable at all ?

Thanks in advance.

Michael Kuyumcu a écrit :

> Hi Yao Konan,
> thanks for your interest in the Nspire.
> I have not written any tests yet (it's very new), and if/when I should
> do so, it probably will be in German. I don't know whether or not I
> will publish that review online or only mail it to TI. Maybe I will
> publish a web URL on the HP group although it feels strange to annouce
> something about a competitor's product on the HP list.
> So there are a lot of maybe's here, and I don't know if I will find the
> time soon. As a teacher, there are many other things on my mind. I am
> sure you will understand.
> Regards,
> Michael Kuyumcu
> Yao Konan wrote:
> > Hi i am very interested by any kind of review about the TI-Nspire.
> > As you have the opportunity to work with prototype could you do a
> > review of these prototypes or agree to answer some questions regarding
> > them ?
> > Thanks.

From: Michael Kuyumcu on
She is shaving? How do you know such intimate details?
In earnest: sorry, that was a typo.

Michael Kuyumcu

Steen Schmidt wrote:
> Michael Kuyumcu wrote:
> > [...] I know of Cyrilles latest post to the hpgcc
> > group about ARMCODE object embedment into the ROM - but she calls
> > this step unofficial.[...]
> "She"? Ouch, Cyrille, stop shaving ;-)
> Cheers,
> Steen

From: John C on

The Voyage 200 was not a new product by any stretch. It is essentially a
TI94+ in a new case. All of the bugs and problems that TI had with the 94
and 94+ (and there were many) were worked out before the Voyage 200 came
out. The 49g+ was new in several senses including the processor and the
first effort with a partnering manufacturer.

I'm not excusing the problems that HP has had with the 49g+ nor am I running
down TI. I own a 94+ which I like very much; although, I do like my HP49g+ a
great deal more. My 49g+ is a very, very early serial number and I have had
none of the problems that have been described by so many. Just luck I guess,
or perhaps it's just the difference in the way that people use things.

In any event, every company has had problems; some of them major. In my
view, HP has corrected whatever problems the 49g+ may have had fairly
quickly given the limited resources that they seem to have available.



From: Jean-Yves Avenard on
Michael Kuyumcu wrote:
> Hi Jean-Yves,
> if I had agreed to such an NDA (which, I suppose, stands for
> Non-Disclosure Agreement), I would be aware of it. I use my
> consciousness on a regular basis and know quite well whether or not I
> commit a breach of anything legal.

Hi Michael.

Thank you for your post.

It looks like TI made the best use of the waiting time and created a
learning device similar to what Xpander should have been.
Is the calculator using a touch screen or like what it appears on photo
just a little joystick? if yes, how does it work? do you like it?

Does it have a spreadsheet? how does it work?

Too bad HP was left behind technologically. I agree with your earlier

From: Jean-Yves Avenard on
You have a TI 94 ???

Whao, I didn't know TI had such machine...
Or you meant TI92 ?

John C wrote:
> JB:
> The Voyage 200 was not a new product by any stretch. It is essentially a
> TI94+ in a new case. All of the bugs and problems that TI had with the 94
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