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CListBox - MultiColumn's - How to ??
Hi All I am trying to create a 4 column ListBox . I have added the ListBox to the Dialog & set the MultiColumn property there. Using the following names could someone give me some code to, 1/ Create 4 Columns in the ListBox 2/ Load "some data" into each column in row 0 Name : ListBox Control... 5 Mar 2005 13:51
CSliderCtrl::SetBuddy; what does it do?
I assumed that it functions in much the same way as the buddy window for a CSpinButtonCtrl, but I don't see it actua;;y doing anything when I slide the bar. I was testing the functionality of the CSliderCtrl to try and figuer out why I can;'t get them to work properly, so I whipped up a quick dialog based proj... 4 Mar 2005 04:10
Winhttp.h file
Hi I want to use 'WinHttpGetProxyforurl' method to retrieve the proxy information from a pac file.But I couldnot found the winhttp.h, winhttp.lib and winhttp.dll files to compile it. please send me if any other solution to get proxy information from pac url. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks you D... 2 Mar 2005 00:17
highlight the tab in tabcontrol
hi, i have created a tabcontrol in a SDI based project, by creating an dialog box . i placed diffent control on various tab. i want highlight specifed tab when i need. i mean that ," when i click an option from, i want tabconrol by hightlighting specifed tab". so, please tell me how,can i... 28 Feb 2005 10:58
using SetTimer
I use extensively the timers in my View mfc application but I find the documentation is not absolutely clear. I use the version with 3 paramteres - the last one is NULL which indicates using the View OnTimer routine. In the documentation it says to use KillTimer with the first parameter being used in the SetTimer f... 28 Feb 2005 17:18
CSocket pump message error again and again ...
Hi, I have a serious probleme with my CSocket. I have a thread that is using a CSocket to send and receive data. I use the Attach/detach function to put my socket in the thread. All works wonderfully .... 97% of the time. Sometimes, when i really try to make my application crash (by sending many datas with Send... 5 Mar 2005 17:29
BUG in LockWindowUpdate & UnlockWindowUpdate
Hi Everyone, I have found an intersting bug, and I am not sure where to look for a solution. I have a form view with a list contrl that gets updated every 5 seconds or so using a Timer. In the code that updates the List control I use LockWindowUpdate and UnlockWindowUpdate because the list control draws very sl... 25 Feb 2005 01:46
ScrollWindow and ScrollWindowEX question
Hello, The contents of a window's client area gets garbled by scrolling when 'ScrollWindow' or 'ScrollWindowEx' followed by UpdateWindowis used to scroll the contents of a window's client area. Does anyone know what is an easiest way to overcome this problem. Thank You! ... 24 Feb 2005 09:46
CEdit - Updating without Scrolling
I have a CEdit control witha a vertical scroll bar in my dialog. The text in the CEditView gets updated periodically. The problem is when the user is reading the edit box at a particaular scroll position, and an update occurs, scroll position goes to the bottom where it got updated. This is because I set the cursor... 24 Feb 2005 02:06
Serial Port won't read
I'm having a problem with my serial port routines that does not make any sense to me. I originally wrote the code to use non-overlapped serial port reading and writing. It works great. (the serial port anyway). The problem is the waitcommevent method hangs the program and it quits responding. Now for the weird... 25 Feb 2005 14:45
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