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CListCtrl Setting the Focus to a Row through Code
Hi i am taken a dialog based application. on the dialog i placed CListCtrl.i added 3 cols and 10 row to the list control. the first column is Checkbox. On the dialog box i placed two Buttons with captions "Next" and "Previous". when i run my application, when i Press "Next" Button the selection mark in the CLis... 28 Nov 2005 22:21
distinguish between CPropertyPage::OnApply and OnOK
I have some processing I want to do when the OK button of a CPropertySheet/CPropertyPage dialog box is pressed. Unfortunately, (for reasons that aren't clear to me) when the Apply button is pressed, the default handler, OnApply, calls OnOK. This same method(s) are also called when the OK button is pressed!? ... 27 Nov 2005 21:56
Transparent Checkbox : How to
I have a checkbox on a dialog and I want the background portion of it (i.e. around the outside of the checkbox and behind the text label) to be transparent so that the underlying color of the dialog shows through. I handle the dialog's OnCtlColor method and return a hollow brush. This works just fine for plan... 18 Nov 2005 19:25
"an invalid argument was encountered"
Which part MFC/MSWindows creates the message "an invalid argument was encountered"? Why this message is usually created? How can I customize it, to a) throw an execption instead b) add more information on the environemt that created that message Greetings Harald ... 18 Nov 2005 11:04
CTabCtrl & XP Style
Hi, I just created a tab control into a dialog box project but the background of my pages are not the same as the background of the tab control... Any ideas on how to make the pages background transparent ? Mike ... 7 Nov 2005 09:51
Questions about memory leak in using IXMLDOMNode and IXMLDOMDocument
I would like to ask these questions: 1) IXMLDOMDocument has load() function but doesn't have close (or anything similar). Does this mean I don't need to close the xml file after I've done with it? And I assume something like this would be ok too m_xmldoc.load("document1.xml"); Then later, m_xmldoc.load("docume... 31 Oct 2005 15:39
CComboBoxEx Dropdown height
Hello all, I am creating a CComboBoxEx dynamically to a CWnd. Unfortunately I cannot seem to get the dropdown to show when I click on the down arrow. I have already set the height of the dropdown using MoveWindow (making the height of the comboboxex much higher). All the elements and the images are working ... 13 Oct 2005 13:01
Resource compiler error
Hello all, The problem described in this post is being experienced with VC++ 7.1 under Windows XP. I am having a problem compiling a resource file. The following error results: ..\AVIV.rc(87) : error RC2104 : undefined keyword or key name: DIALOG I should note that I have not edited my resource file by ha... 5 Oct 2005 01:03
error C2371: 'WCHAR' : redefinition; different basic types when including odbcss.h
Hi, I'm getting the following error when I compile my VC7.1++ mfc program, I'm including odbcss.h in order to use SQLServer 2000 and the odbc api... D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Vc7\PlatformSDK\Include\odbcss.h(430) : error C2371: 'WCHAR' : redefinition; different basic types D:\Pr... 2 Oct 2005 23:42
Set scroll pos in CWebBrowser?
Howdy, I have a embedded web browser and want to scroll up and down from the view. SetScrollPos doesn't seem to do anything at all. I tried GetScrollInfo but it comes back with garbage for the size and position data, making me think it is not talking to the actual scrollbar. I'm using the code from "Pro... 3 Oct 2005 13:06
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