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Wbemuuid.lib(wbemcli_i.obj) : fatal error LNK1103:
I have a MFC application that I am trying to access a remote connection and check for a COM Server (written in ATL). I keep getting the following linker error... Wbemuuid.lib(wbemcli_i.obj) : fatal error LNK1103: debugging information corrupt; recompile module How am I supposed to fix this? Thanks, -- ... 28 Jul 2006 09:56
Open, process & print documents without user interface
Hi, I try to create a non-user interface program which gets file name from command line, open and format the document, and print the labels. What application framework can be used? How process print with MFC? Detailed information is appreciated. Thanks, ybc ... 8 Aug 2006 01:22
Trying to handle events from HTMLElementEvents...
Hi all, I'm having problem in handling the ONCLICK event from HTMLElementEvents I've connect the interface to my Sink object- code follow - but when accessing to ElementObject I got an access violation... To catch the event I've derived a class from CCmdTarget: class CEventSink : public CCmdTarget { publi... 27 Jul 2006 08:28
creating a JPEG file
Hello all, I am working in VC++ 2005 I need to draw somethig and save it as a jpeg, without showing it on the screen. So in other words, I need to draw on a DC and save the contents of the DC as a jpeg. How do I do this? The CImage class? But how do I exactly do this particular thing with it? Thanks Srishti ... 31 Jul 2006 22:39
CException difference in VS2005
I am getting a compiler error on the following bit of code catch (CException e) This code compiled fine in VS6. The VS2005 compiler says the following and points to the following code in afx.h error C2259: 'CException' : cannot instantiate abstract class 1> due to following members: 1> 'CException::~CExc... 13 Jun 2006 18:22
MFC examples
Hi Where can i find some MFC examples? Especially to understand the Cdoc and Cview usage. Something like a text editor or something like that thanks ... 20 Mar 2006 11:05
catching VK_ESC and VK_SPACE in CHotKeyCtrl
hi, i want to catch VK_ESC in a hotkey control. the hotkey control is embedded in a dialog (of course). to prevent the dialog from closing on ESC i added the following code to the dialogs PreTranslateMessage method: if((pMsg->message == WM_KEYDOWN) && (pMsg->wParam == VK_ESCAPE)) { mHotkeyCtrl.SendMessage(pM... 19 Mar 2006 21:03
How to resolve fatal error LNK1168 error?
I have created an addin which after building generates a .dll file.But whenever i make some changes to the code & try to rebuild i always get the error Linking... LINK : fatal error LNK1168: cannot open Debug/Qmore_1.dll for writing Error executing link.exe. But after unchecking the addin in the Addins & Macro Fi... 15 Mar 2006 06:25
CHtmlEditCtrl::SetDocumentHTML not working?
Hi all. I have an application in which I have progammatically added a CHtmlEditCtrl to a dialog. The control displays correctly, and i can type text into it at runtime and retrieve the correct value with GetDocumentHtml, however I can't seem to set the contents of the control with SetDocumentHTML. The method re... 15 Mar 2006 02:20
Assert with Notifications in WM5.0
After talking to the concierge, I found out that there is no managed newsgroup specific to pocketpc or wm5.0 questions. So I am posting this here. I am a C++ developer on WM5.0. Starting with the notifyMFC example from the WM5.0 SDK, I am creating a notification and calling SHNotificationAdd from a method... 12 Mar 2006 21:48
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