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Why exactly is C# better than C++ (was Re: Up to date MFC Book
"Bruno van Dooren [MVP VC++]" wrote: For me, it is not C++ OR C#. it is C++ AND C#. If you already know C++, C# is dead easy to learn. Even if you don't learn C#, an even halfway-experienced C++ developer can read C# code samples and have no difficulty understanding how to get C++/CLI to accomplish the s... 1 Sep 2006 13:53
Great news
Got an error with the new build in production. I had the pdb file out there too so call stack tells me the following: Call Stack: MFC42!Ordinal6585 + 0x82 MFC42!Ordinal1585 + 0x3f MFC42!Ordinal2027 + 0x1a MFC42!Ordinal2028 + 0xb5 MFC42!Ordinal939 + 0x1e PRISMRptCom!CReportAccessorFuncs3::SendSimpleMsgNoLo... 1 Sep 2006 13:53
CEdit problem
Hi experts, I m preparing Excel kind of thing using SDI application. I m using CEdit object for entering text. I have kept the size of CEdit as the size of my cell(D5 etc..) What i see is that inside my edit Box the text are displayed in bold letters. I dont want this. Moreever after reaching the limit of edit b... 15 Sep 2006 02:10
IPicture problem
I have an image control that I use to display gif and jpg images. Using an IPicture object how do I create a stream to save the file to disk? IPicture * m_pPicture; // in header // in .cpp HRESULT hr; IStream *pStream = NULL; LONG size; // I need to know how to create the proper stream here... m_pP... 1 Sep 2006 12:48
What to do with First-Chance exception
Hello All. When I load my app in debuger output window I get messages like this: "First-chance exception at 0x793fbc81 in xx.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: COleException at memory location 0x0012f7cc.. Warning: constructing COleException, scode = DISP_E_MEMBERNOTFOUND ($80020003)." Is it worth to bother with... 30 Aug 2006 10:41
CString Format causes memory issue
Hi, I am using MFC to tun SQL queries. I need to create a complex query based on user defined parameters, and am having some trouble. The program actually works great, and displays my results perfectly. However, if the following line of code is executed, I get an error when I finally close my program. My cod... 28 Aug 2006 22:26
CRichEditCtrl usage
Hello, I'm experimenting with a CRichEditCtrl and just need some help to get started. I'm trying to set tabstop positions so I can display a read-only multi-line table with aligned columns of text. I tried the code below, but it has no effect, wherever I put the tabstop. // m_textReport is a CRichEditCtrl m_t... 20 Aug 2006 05:38
debug assertion occcont.cpp line 916
Not able to use ActiveX control in `MFC Smart Device Application` project: giving debug assertion occcont.cpp line 916 Steps to reporduce the problem 1. File->New->Project 2. Selcet Visual C++->Smart Device->MFC Smart Device Application 3. Enter the project Name as "abc" 4. It will open MFC Smart Device App... 16 Aug 2006 06:10
File Save As Dialog
I have an application which pops up file "Save as" dialog. I am trying to automate <save> button click. Unfortunately i am unable to get the handle of the "Button" with the text "Save". I used spy++. but it does not show the button as window. Please suggest. thx ... 14 Aug 2006 17:57
Hello all, I am having trouble with _stprintf(). It's a Unicode application. TCHAR B[5]; _stprintf( B, _T("%a"), 'a' + i); so if the value if i=9, I want B to be "j". But instead the value in B is "-0x1.c39360p+117" And this is causing all kinds of memory leaks and strange behaviours... Any help appreci... 9 Aug 2006 05:06
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