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>> Again ... calling someone a troll is the lazy way of interacting with
>> anyone. If you or I can understand why people do what they do and say
>> what
>> they say and gain understanding of those things, (which takes an effort
>> and
>> some time,) there would be no need to label anyone as a troll.
> Jenn,
> I'm sorry, but you're wrong. You seem to think that trolls are just
> labeled that because people, even everyone, disagrees with them, but
> that's not the case.

I don't believe 99.9% of the people labeled as trolls deserve the label.

> A troll disrupts by many means, sometimes subtle and not always
> argumentative....

Answer these questions if you would ... How does one disrupt a newsgroup if
people aren't easily offended? Why is there no accountability for how people
react when they respond in anger or out of frustration? Why is it ok to
respond in anger or frustration to someone and then label them as the troll?

> I have many people that I/we disagree with on many subjects and don't
> consider them trolls - just look at politics. The difference between
> someone you disagree with and a troll is that the troll doesn't care
> about the conversation or validity, they keep twisting, like BD does.

What makes you think people discussing politics care about the validity of
any disagreements? Most political discussions I've seen are 99% twisting
what other people say in order to get a reaction? By what you are saying
here, you have some sort of dividing line that doesn't differentiate between
political discussions and discussions that you consider to be caused by a
troll. BTW .. I LOVE debate type of discussions, and have been a part of
such debate groups for many years.... :) Just thought I'd mention it.

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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>>> "Jenn" <nope(a)noway.atnohow.anyday> wrote in
>>>> yes... that is part of how he investigates various people and
>>>> issues.
>>> Well, You have to understand in this line of work, it's best that if
>>> someone has a question or wants to know why such and such did such
>>> and such, it's best to ask them directly. It's considered bad
>>> practice to discuss private matters with outsiders.
>> I understand ...
>>>>> We haven't been friends (heh) since then. He says
>>>>> I became a whitehat
>>>> Whats that mean .. to become *whitehat*?
>>> Whitehat=good hacker/reformed hacker
>>> Blackhat=bad hacker/the kind movies are made about...
>> ahh.. so it's a good thing when someone says you're a whitehat now?
>> LOL cool
> That depends on who you ask. Some of my older friends don't really like
> it, and some don't care either way. It's just one of those things.

Well .. kind of goes back to the cowboy and indian days.. (in the movies
anyway) .. white cowboy hats meant they were the good guy .. black cowboy
hats meant they were bad guys!
Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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>> btw ... it's nice to meet you, Leythos ... sorry I should have already
>> said
>> that.
> Jenn, I'm about as easy going as it gets, but, having watched threads
> he's participated in for quite some time, because they happen to be
> posted in groups I've monitored for decades, I believe my view of BD is
> correct, a troll, or he's in serious need of psychological care.

In case you haven't noticed.. I'm fairly easy going myself. and ... btw..
I'm not here to change your mind or anyones mind, for that matter. I'm just
saying what I know thus far.

> Not that it matters, but I've been in more than 20 countries and found
> all of them to be great places, except the middle eastern ones.

Some day I'd like to travel... but it only takes money.. right? :)

> His questions of personal nature are unwarranted and violate norms in
> Usenet, these groups are not family and friends groups, they are
> security and technical groups - people are judged on their content and
> the validity of their content, nothing else matters.

OH I dunno ... seems alot of personal stuff gets interjected into the
discussions here despite it being a techie group... and btw.. I LIKE techie
groups. I lean towards the creative side, tho, of code (websites).... but
am always interested in learning more. I've created one small program in VB
and then upgraded it to some time ago just because I was bored and
wanted to see if I could learn it. :) That sort of coding isn't my best
skill tho. I called the program, PottyMouth! :D It was a simple program
that had a searchable database that could be updated with additional words.
It contained *bad* words in 12 languages and it was created for use by the
Microsoft international chat sysops. It's purpose was so that.. say someone
speaking German went into a spanish speaking chat room ... the Spanish
hosts/guides/sysops could search key words that a chatter might use (say in
german) and if it was in the bad word database they could kick out that
chatter for foul language. It was a necessary tool, but you should have
seen some of the funny responses I got from people from the different
countries when I asked them to translate a list of foul words into their own
language so I could add them to the original database. <grin> .. me being a
lady who didn't curse and all...

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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> Jenn wrote:
>>Well .. kind of goes back to the cowboy and indian days.. (in the movies
>>anyway) .. white cowboy hats meant they were the good guy .. black cowboy
>>hats meant they were bad guys!
> And Roy Roger's gun never ran out of bullets either,
> sort of like a large memory card for your digital camera.

I want one of those digital memory cards for my camera that never runs out
of memory!! :)

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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nope(a)noway.atnohow.anyday says...
> OH I dunno ... seems alot of personal stuff gets interjected into the
> discussions here despite it being a techie group... and btw.. I LIKE techie
> groups.

If we were to follow the norms that most ignore today, we would have
already been advised to take this to email as it's clearly off-topic in
this thread.

You can't trust your best friends, your five senses, only the little
voice inside you that most civilians don't even hear -- Listen to that.
Trust yourself.
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