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>>I've got you..
> Yeah right <g>
> There's nothing your elite ego can do to me
> except evoke a chuckle.

It would help to know the context of what your quoting and responding to.

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> [BD wrote:]
>>> Jenn - all of your posts here are welcome, btw! ;)
> I too extend that welcome into a public forum, <snip>

Much appreciated! :D

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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>> So you would deny the lady the right to make up her own mind
>> as to whom she extends friendship or even her right to comment?

> Obviously I wouldn't (and couldn't, it's usenet alt.*) deny her
> anything. I think however, she should have all of the facts before
> making decisions. Do you disagree?

What do you consider to be *all* the facts? I've chatted in video and voice
chat with Dave many times and also chatted with his wife... had the
opportunity to see many of his family photos and even his daughters wedding
pictures, which were very nice I might add!

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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>>> > In article <hpa8tv$crk$1(a)>,
>>> > nope(a)noway.atnohow.anyday says...
>>> >> It's difficult for me to label anyone as being stupid or a troll
>>> >> because
>>> >> I
>>> >> don't believe those sort of people really exist on the internet.
>>> > Jenn, I've been on Usenet since 84 and I can assure you that
>>> > "Trolls" exist and enjoy what they do. You can see it in their
>>> > diversions and the
>>> > tactics they use.
>>> People exist on Usenet, and other people who don't like them or what
>>> they do
>>> or how they post will label them as *trolls*. You say they are
>>> trolls because of their tactics... I say they are just people who
>>> have strong personalities ... It's when personalities and methods
>>> conflict that people
>>> get labeled, and it isn't any more right to label someone a troll as
>>> it is
>>> to create virus's and deliver those virus's to peoples computers to
>>> do harm.
>> Jenn, there are people that have 180 deg views and opinions that are
>> not trolls, but there "are" trolls on usenet and many boards. A troll
>> doesn't have to be counter to your views.
> I'm well aware of the netiquette involved and how people define trolls
> on the internet. Just because people enter into ngs and have opinions
> that disrupt the general flow of the group and are a source of
> irritation to others does not give them over to being a *troll*.
>> For you to say that trolls don't exist, when it's been proven that
>> they do, is like saying racism doesn't exist.
> No... internet troll is a term people on the internet came up with so
> they would have one term they could use to label people who were a
> source of irritation, frustration, and flames on newsgroups. It is a
> nebulous term that has been used to label anyone that the status quo
> deems unsubmissive to the general norm of the group. If the core
> group can label someone to be a troll, it immediately tells the rest
> of the group to dismiss anything and everything that particular person
> says, which, in turn, more or less demeans that persons humanity.
> It's an unfair term, and frankly, it's used by people who don't want
> to take the time to respond intelligently to challenges brought up by
> such people. In essence, it's pure laziness to use the term, imo.
>> There are bad people,
> When I heard this phrase, I think of child molestors, murderers,
> thieves ...and other such people.. those are BAD people
>> they disrupt groups, disrupt other groups, twist
>> discussions, etc...
> Disrupting a group is not a bad thing done by bad people ... groups
> get ingrown just like toenails do... they get to where all they think
> about is what they agree on. Throw someone into the mix who is
> different and then all of a sudden they are a *troll* and a *bad
> person* because they disrupted the group. So what? If any one group
> or individual can't tolerate new ideas or explain with some sort of
> intelligence their own points of view... it just means they really
> don't know what they base what they believe on. A challenge to ones
> beliefs do not equal a *troll*.
>> they don't do it as part of a disagreement in ideals
>> or beliefs, they do it for the fun of it, to see how far they can
>> take others.... Those people are trolls.
> So what? What's wrong with having fun in newsgroups in the various
> discussions? Again, that doesn't make anyone a bad person or a troll
> because they enjoy lively debate about hot topics. The problem is
> that many people take it personal when someone challenges what has
> been said, so they take that as being a personal attack. It takes no
> skill at all to get offended, but it takes time and communication
> skills to actually work through any decent discussion or debate. Too
> many people just slam away and then complain they get slammed right
> back. That's 5th grade communication skills.
>>> > BD is as much a troll, by his tactics and his play, as he is a
>>> > idiot.
>>> BD asks questions, and challenges many of the answers he gets.
>>> Paying attention as to why people do what they do really helps in
>>> being able to respond without taking things personal and getting
>>> angry.
>> LOL - You really need to go back and look at his involvement in many
>> threads, and start actually watching his replies, and then when he
>> starts cross-posting to other groups....
> BTDT ... seen plenty. If you haven't caught on by now what he's
> doing, I'll tell you myself.

I'll bite. Please tell me what exactly it is, that BoaterDave is upto?

>>> > Just look at his posts, they follow the very clear ideals of
>>> > trolling - and it's almost good at it.
>>> I've been a target of BD's questions, too... but I was patient and I
>>> understand what his goal was... We are friends because I gave him
>>> the space
>>> to be himself and I accept him as he is.
>> And most of us see what he's doing, his history, and the symptoms for
>> what they really are -
> He has no *symptoms*.... He has a method that he uses to find either
> good or bad. He's digging around and trying to hit any hot button he
> can find in order to bring to light anything good or anything bad with
> the people he is interacting with.... It's that simple. He's looking
> for straight answers from people and if he senses people aren't
> telling the truth he will keep on going until he finds the truth.

What exactly does he consider the truth to be Jenn? Is it the normal
definition, or something exclusive to him?

> Again ... calling someone a troll is the lazy way of interacting with
> anyone. If you or I can understand why people do what they do and say
> what they say and gain understanding of those things, (which takes an
> effort and some time,) there would be no need to label anyone as a
> troll.

Alright. You have my attention Jenn. Please tell me in laymens terms what
exactly BoaterDave is doing or attempting to do here? Also, can you tell
me what his interest is in myself? and what he hopes to gain
knowledgewise from pestering me?

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this boulder right down a cliff." - Goblin Warrior

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Toxic <staring(a)> wrote in news:pan.2010.

> On Sun, 04 Apr 2010 04:36:56 +0000, Dustin Cook wrote:
>> It's all about the code, ya
>> know... :)
> So just compile and distribute it like krile, toady, iroc, or any of
> the other 'helpful' applications you've written and leave civil
> discussions to us adults.

I was thinking of these applications:

Oh, and it's irok; with a K. Alot of non critical to the project people
thought it was about the car or myself. Some people even thought it
actually trashed a hard disk; it didn't.

As far as civil discussions, heh; you haven't had one yet, and you aren't
acting like any adult I know. Thanks for playing, tho.

Oh, and btw, what have you written thats of any use to anyone?

AZ1 ZIP - AZ Version 1.1
Converts BINARY files to TEXT and TEXT files back to binary files.
Useful for sending exe/com/bin/gif etc type files via email and fax.

CHECK20 ZIP - CHECK Version 2.0
Compares 2 files for any differences. Optionally logs differences to a
seperate file.

CODEIT1 ZIP - CODEIT version 1.1
A rather simple encryption engine. Ok for non-critical information. Will
encrypt any file, and writes over the file. No copies are made and the
file is not marked in any way.

COMIT3 ZIP - COMIT version 1.3
Turn almost any file into a self displaying .COM file. Want your text to
self display? just have comit do the work for you! Each com file will be
a maximum of 10 bytes larger then the source file. Each com file fully
supports DOS redirection.

CRAZY20 ZIP - CRAZY version 2.0
VGA Only based screen saver. Many different colorful patterns. Graphics
engine is programmable.

CRYPTD1 ZIP - CRYPTD version 1.1
Simple to use very secure file encryption program. Uses files on your
computer to encrypt/decrypt other files. Won 4 out of 5 stars on
ZiffNet. Source code can optionally be purchased for an additional $3

DELOCK4 ZIP - DELOCK version 1.4
File editing utility. You can extract portions of any file and you can
also import bits of or a whole file into another one. Fully user

ENCODE25 ZIP - ENCODE version 2.5
Simple to use, extreme security file encryption program. Uses files and
matrix control parameters to secure your file. Every single byte in the
target file is changed! Won 4 out of 5 stars on ZiffNet.

ICEM25 ZIP - ICEM version 2.5
File Splitting/Joining Utility. This small menu driven utility can take
large files and split them into smaller more manageable pieces. Super
fast file i/o. ICEM supports floppy disks as well as hard disks, and you
can fully specify how large each chunk is to be.

NAMEIT20 ZIP - NAMEIT version 2.0
File and Directory renaming utility. Very easy to use, and safe. Command
Line Driven.

REBOOT20 ZIP - REBOOT version 2.0
Reboot your computer COLD or WARM from a dos prompt or your own program!
Source can be requested if desired. There is no extra charge.

SNOOP20 ZIP - SNOOP version 2.0
Shows you what a file really looks like inside. Every character is
shown. Various config options allow for different viewing methods.
Command Line driven.

NUKE32A.ZIP - NUKE version 3.2A
NUKE v3.2A *THE* File/Disk Deletion Utility!
Nuke is a DOS GUI based file/disk deletion/
cleaning program! Any file that is deleted by
NUKE is not recoverable by any means! The
files date/time/attribute/contents are all
changed (the contents are destroyed) to hide
the files true identity! The cleaning option
allows you to clean any valid drive of unused
information. The clean does not destroy the
current drive! Various Bugs Fixed. ShareWare
The target files original name is also changed.

DATEIT3 ZIP - DATEIT version 1.3
Change the DATE and TIME stamp on any file. Comes with full Source code.
FreeWare. This program does not require registration, and you are not
expected to register it if you request it via email.

LOCK3 ZIP - LOCK version 1.3
File encryption utility using "CORE-2" algorithm. Slow, but does a nice
job. many configuration and encryption options.

DCON1 ZIP - DCONTROL version 1.0
Drive security utility. This program can prevent unauthorized access to
any valid drive you specify. Most programs cannot access drives
protected by DCONTROL.! You can now test that unknown program without
worry that it will destroy one of your drives!

CRYPTX1.ZIP - CRYPTX version 1.0
CRYPTX - File Encryption Utility - v1.0
This small encryption program was designed
to protect your sensitive information from
prying eyes! You can choose any PassPhrase
to lock your files from those who should not
have access to them. CRYPTX is fast and easy
to use, and very secure! As little as one
byte difference in a passphrase can create
two totally different encoded/decoded files
from the same source! Hows that for security!

"Hrrngh! Someday I'm going to hurl this...hrrngh..
nudge this boulder right down a cliff." - Goblin Warrior