From: Jenn on
Dustin Cook wrote:
> My last virus endeavor
> was 10 years ago. Obviously, I've changed a considerable amount since
> that time. <snip>

I believe you ...

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

From: Jenn on
Peter Foldes wrote:
> Dustin
> Not worth your time or anybody's time on these ignoramus type
> persons. They have nothing to do but make a fool of themselves
> without trying

Everybody has worth and is worth someones time, Peter.

Simple disputes and differences of opinion should have nothing to do with
defining whether any one person is worth the time for another human being,
and to imply that it does says that you believe you have the right to define
what God himself has not given you or anyone else the right to do, and that
is the worth of any one human being.

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

From: Dustin Cook on
~BD~ <BoaterDave(a)> wrote in

> Dustin Cook wrote:
>> ~BD~<BoaterDave(a)> wrote in
>> news:G6mdnYN_JqPt-yvWnZ2dnUVZ8tdi4p2d(a)
>>> David H. Lipman wrote:
>>>> From: "~BD~"<BoaterDave(a)>
>>>> | In another newsgroup he was forging my name (and using my correct
>>>> | email address) and forgot to reset his account settings before
>>>> | posting here.
>>>> It ain't Peter. You are such an idiot you have attracted k00ks
>>>> from 24hours* and one of THEM is abusing you.
>>> I believe that, on this occasion, you are mistaken.
>> I believe it's time for you to take a basic networking 101 college
>> course. It'll certainly help. You just don't know what your doing,
>> but you think you do; that makes you stupid *and* potentially
>> dangerous to anyone who accepts any help from you.
> Peter Foldes forged *this* message .......

There's nothing in the headers of the message to support the claim.
Anybody can change the nick/name they post with; but it takes a little
more than that to forge something. IE: Your nntp posting host isn't
showing in the "forged" header. Another one is, which supports all kinds
of oddball usenetters. I'm sorry David, but I think you may be accusing
the wrong person of the crime of impersonation. FWIW, People forge posts
all the time, it's best to just ignore them.

If you'd quit being so paranoid and anal about grammatical errors on my
part, I wouldn't dislike you nearly as much. Your very ignorant about
many areas dealing with computers, but that's a curable condition. Just
takes education. You can improve yourself right away by discarding the
worthless and highly misleading information provided by PcButts. You can
help yourself even further as far as gaining respect of others here if
you would stop with the conspiracy theories. Sometimes, the apple really
is just an Apple.

"Hrrngh! Someday I'm going to hurl this...hrrngh.. nudge
this boulder right down a cliff." - Goblin Warrior

From: Heather on

"Dustin Cook" <bughunter.dustin(a)> wrote in message
> ~BD~ <BoaterDave(a)> wrote in news:ue-dndYAf5p6
> _SvWnZ2dnUVZ8lqdnZ2d(a)
>> Heather wrote:
>> And BD is a certifiable mental case.
>> Incorrect statement!
>> Watch this lovely Jewish lady tell it how it is, Heather:-
> Did you understand *any* of it? No? I didn't think so.

Hi are right. Didn't understand what on earth it was all
about. It was a really strange bit of nothing. But fits with his bizarre
mental state. Why not just ignore him and that other anon twit........they
just like to push your buttons. You have better things to do with your


From: Jenn on
Dustin Cook wrote:
> "David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> wrote in
> news:hp5s5a03dq(a)
long ago he didn't understand the relationship between
>> and and it was explained to
>> him.
>> Months later he was asking about it all over again.
>> Now he's an expert on headers.
> He's an expert on stupidity, nothing more.
> When I look stupid up in websters, I imagine seeing a picture of him
> or his boat.

I can attest to the fact that Dave is not stupid. :)
Jenn (from Oklahoma)