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Gordon <gbplinux(a)> writes:

> Erik Funkenbusch wrote:
>> The issue here is that you appear to be exagerating.
> Your spell check is broken.
> Exaggerating? Only your ignorance - if that's possible...

Gordon and WronG appear to have gone off the rails.

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Erik Funkenbusch wrote:

>On 15 Jan 2010 09:14:53 GMT, Gordon wrote:
>> I presume you are still at your clerk's job from when you left school...

Toner Monkey. 8)

>if you switch jobs every 2 years, that's only 20 companies. I wouldn't
>call that "a large number".



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Peter K�hlmann wrote:

>Phil Stovell wrote:
>> Conor wrote:
>>> Phil Stovell says...
>>>> Are all Calc functions in Excel?
>>> Nobody cares because Excel is the only thing that counts.
>> Got you. You're a troll.

You think? What was your first clue? The bald-faced puerile idiocy?

>Nope. Even trolls are usually not *that* dumb

Well, I wouldn't go *that* far...

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From: Gordon on
chrisv wrote:

> I don't think you're being totally fair, Jed. There is some overlap
> between what these tools can do, and for some people it makes sense to
> use the tool that they are more familiar with, rather than attempt to
> master yet another tool that may provide a more elegant solution in
> the end.

I think this is the problem isn't it - MS Office is so ingrained into
the computing world psyche that people are (probably) scared to try
something else in case "it doesn't work" - in similar vein I am
increasingly worried that schools in the UK are teaching "Microsoft"
not "computing" and the pointy-click generation will have grown up
from infants not knowing that there ARE alternatives...
From: chrisv on
Gordon wrote:

> Quack snotted:
>> What features of excel do you, as a systems accountant unable to keep a
>> job down, feel it is missing compared to say the OO offering? How were
>> these features in OO 15 years ago when people first started using Excel
>> seriously?

Multiple lies in one paragraph. Good job, "Hadron"!

>Quite capable of keeping jobs down thank you very much.
>Your comprehension skills, as usual are completely lacking.
>Please quote the post where I said the Excel lacks functions that OO

You might be waiting a long time for a lie-free post from "Hadron"...

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