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Nokia Phone OMA problems
Hi All, Running Exchange Server 2003 Standard on Windows 2003 Standard. I have configured mobile access as normal, when I have a nokia phone connecting, I'm getting issues. Checking the log, I get the following: 2010-02-08 00:45:11 W3SVC1 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync User=username&Devic... 9 Feb 2010 09:29
Managing Forms
We were using Mimosa for email archiving and have moved away from it, however the published forms are still showing up on everyone's Outlook configuration under Tools>Option>Other>Advanced Options>Custom Forms>Manage Forms and I believe they are creating a problem with our new archiving program. The Mimosa serve... 6 Feb 2010 19:39
Exchange 2003 IMF not acting upon all messages...
Hey All, We have an Exchange 2003 Server, SP2, running on a SBS 2003 Server. The problem we're having is that the IMF is not moving all messages that should be moved to the junk mail folder. I'm viewing the SCL ratings in Outlook and we have the SCL setting in IMF set to move anything higher than 2. It moves ... 5 Feb 2010 22:53
Exchange 2007: Resource auto booking attendant response messages giving US date format
Hi, Has anyone else experienced the messages returned by the resource auto booking attendant (for example, if the user forgets to set an end date for reoccurring appointments) spit out US dates on a server with international date format (eg UK) selected? Everything else generated from the server seems to come w... 5 Feb 2010 18:27
Hello! When I use: Get-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -Identity user I get: #TYPE Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.Management.MailboxRegionalConfiguration "PSComputerName","RunspaceId","DateFormat","Language","DefaultFolderNameMatchingUserLanguage","TimeFormat","TimeZone","Identity","IsValid" "computer.domai... 7 Feb 2010 03:14
Can I hide an attribute of certain users only in the GAL without changing AD ?
Hello, We need to hide the office address for a small number of vip users in the GAL without changing the underlying value in AD. The office addresses of everyone else has to remain visible as usual. I've suggested moving the data to a custom attribute for the vip users and leaving their ordinary office addres... 9 Feb 2010 15:10
Will this help?
Hi all, exchange2003 sp2/outlook2003 I have one user that compaints to take longer time to open outlook. he has 120,000 items and 4GB size after our archived system. It seems that he does not want to delete anything from the email. Will cache mode help him? any other suggestions? Thank you! ... 5 Feb 2010 10:33
Unable to write new message in OWA 2003
Hi, we are having problem when users are trying to use OWA on Exchange 2003. The problem is that we can not write new message or do reply on old messages. When we press new message nothing is happening. I think that the problem is on the server side because we have tried from different client PC's (different OS -... 4 Feb 2010 06:41
OWA 2007 \Exchange redirect notworking
One Exchange 2007 HUB (not really in play for this but thought I would add) One Exchange 2003 FE/BE server One Exchange 2007 CAS server in same site/subnet as the other Exchange servers One Exchange 2007 CAS server in a separate site/subnet Two Exchange 2007 Mailbox clusters (active/passive for each) No ISA Th... 3 Feb 2010 14:02
sharing permissions on public folder
using outlook 2007 with an xc 2007 SP1 server I have the following issue when adding sharing permissions on a public folder when I select a certain distribution group to have whatever permission on a public folder (of the contacts type) I get an error: "one or more users cannot be added to the folder access l... 3 Feb 2010 11:44
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