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exchange Mail Backup Question
Windows 2003 R2 Windows 2003 Exchange Server I have about 15 exchange users in my organization. I would like to disable user to delete and Move any incoming and outgoing mails at least one full backup (24h). We do not arrow user to create Personal PST. Right now, I can capture incoming mails only using forwa... 10 Mar 2010 13:06
generating a 1024bit CSR using Exchange 2000
We use an SSL certificate to access our exchange server using OWA. I need to generate a 1024 bit CSR. When I go in to generate it, I am not asked what bit (512/1024 etc..). It just generates the CSR automatically - but when I sent that to our provider to obtain the certificate, they advised me that it was only ... 9 Mar 2010 15:50
Moving Public Folder Database Files
We have exchange 2003 SP2 on a Windows 2003 Enterprise server. All I want to do is move the Public Folders database files to a new drive on the same server. Is it as simple as dismounting the Public Folder Store, copying the database files and pasting them to the new drive, pointing the Public Store to the datab... 8 Mar 2010 17:35
Script to export list of users with activesunc enabled on
Hi Guys, I'm trying to find a way to export a list of users who have active sync enabled only. I'm running the below but it shows me all users and isn;t very friendly when exported to CSV - I canlt seem to sort the data to make sense of it: Get-CASMailbox -ResultSize Unlimited |Format-List ActiveSyncEnable... 9 Mar 2010 03:29
Make ADC to DC in window exchange 2k3
Hi, My DC gone down.Now i m in the process of make my adc to dc for my exchange2k3 will work.I couldn't able to assign FSMO role for my adc to become dc.Could anyone put checklist for wat r all the things i have to makesure. -prabhu ... 8 Mar 2010 17:35
move edge in perimeter network
In my organization the edge 2007 sp1 role was installed in the same subnet of exchange 2007 sp1(HUB CAS...). I know that isn't a good choice so I want to move the server in perimeter network. what is the best choice? (both servers are in production) a) create a new edge in perimeter network b) reconfigure the cur... 13 Mar 2010 03:14
Update Failed
Hi! I have Forefront Security for Exchange 2007. Some of its scan engines updates are failing with the message for example "Failed update of cavet scan engine". Is it a known issue and is there any solution? Thanks! ... 7 Mar 2010 01:00
Outlook express & Exchange support
What is required in Outlook express to talk to exchange 2007 ? Can Outlook hand SSL/TLS connections ? Port 143 (IMAP), 563, or 443 ? Jared technet147(a) ... 13 Mar 2010 07:32
Exchange 2007 and Microsoft Outlook
I'm not too sure weather this is only with Microsoft Outlook 2003 or Exchange 2007, but every time i try and send mail, it doesn't send, it just remains in Outbox. There are no errors in in Outlook indicating this. ... 7 Mar 2010 21:48
Out of Office not working
All of a sudden, numerous users are reporting that they cannot change their out of office messages. Or to put it more accurately, they make a change (for example, turning OOO off), and it looks like it took the change, but the system still keeps sending OOO messages. I had them try to make the change via OWA,... 7 Mar 2010 21:48
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