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Exchange 2010 control panel
Hello I recently installed a Exchange 2010 CAS+HT into an existing Exchange 2007 sp2 org (lab environment) Currently all mailboxes are located on the 2007 mbx server. I want to start looking at the exchange 2010 control panel, but I am not sure how to get access to it or what is required to get access to it.... 18 Mar 2010 14:22
installing Exchange 2010 in Exchange 2007 org
hello I currently have exchange 2007 sp2 up and running. One server is running HT+CAS and the other server is a mbx server. I recently setup an exchange 2010 CAS+HT server. After the install completed successfully, I was surprised to see that I couldn't see the 2007 servers using the 2010 management console,... 18 Mar 2010 13:01
A process serving application pool 'MSExchangeSyncAppPool' exceede
Jill, Did you ever get an answer for this? I'm having the same issue. "Jill Traynor" wrote: I too am having this problem and can't find anywhere how to fix this alert except to disable it. Can someone please help? A process serving application pool 'MSExchangeSyncAppPool' exceeded time limits during... 18 Mar 2010 09:21
Installing Exchange 2003 into an organisation with Exchange 2000and 2007
On 3/18/2010 3:24 AM, Andrew Story wrote: Morning, Is it possible to install Exchange 2003 into an existing organisation which already has Exchange 2000 and 2007? ADPREP has been run for both 200 and 2007, does it need run again for 2003? Is there anything else I need to be aware of if this is supp... 19 Mar 2010 03:49
OWA 2003 text-area Issue
We had an Exchange 2003 which has a strange issue, when you open OWA trough IE and you go to reply or write a new message the new window popup just fine but you only see the TO, CC, Subject fields and the "text-area" where you are suposed to write the message is empty with a left-top red cross, like it was not ... 18 Mar 2010 08:11
How to run ExMerge on multiple servers?
Hello: What are some techniques that I could use to remove a message with a specific subject from all Exchange mailbox servers? I'm familiar with using ExMerge on one server, but I need to run this on 30 mailbox servers. It looks like I can create a custom exmerge.ini file and copy it to each server, then ru... 19 Mar 2010 15:32
howto rebild backup
Hi there, I am using Exchange 2003 on Win2k3 Server I have a strange problem: My boss bought himself a Mobile Phone (Samsung C5212 DuoS) which he wanted to use for synchronising Contacts and Calendar from Outlook 2003 (is client on that mentioned Exchange-Server). After installing the Software "Samsung Ne... 17 Mar 2010 20:00
Exchange 2007 Mailboxes
I have got a client who is cleaning up mailboxes, e.g. deleteing mail, then emptying that, archiving mail etc...his mailbox was about 2.2GB, he remove a significant amount of items, however his mailbox still shows that size in the DB, for he is the only one there. I would have thought that it woudl have shrunk... 13 Apr 2010 21:50
Accessing an OST file
I have a user that is looking for a long lost email that she "hopes" she saved. Of course, she has many, many PST files. The email is not in any of those. There are 3 OST files in the default Outlook folder on her computer. Is there a way to open and search those files? I've done some research and have read... 22 Mar 2010 09:24
Ex 2003 to Ex 2007 Migration Concerns
We are finishing up the migration from Ex 2003 to Ex 2007. The Ex 2007 has been online for several months and now it's time to fully disconnect and remove the Ex 2003 from the network. Not sure what needs to be done on an issue I see. All of the mailboxes are moved; Public Folders moved and replication ... 17 Mar 2010 15:58
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