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email & calendar forward to unknown domain users
I have two EX secretaries that when some people create a calendar apptn for various users they get "postmaster" email notifying them of undeliverable to people who are no longer here and had their exchange mailbox remove as well as their domain login . Any idea where to look in Exchange 2003 for where these in... 10 Mar 2010 20:55
Exchange Server 2003 SP2 running on 32-bit Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2, both with the latest patches installed. The server has 4GB of RAM installed. I've never used a Blackberry phone so I'm wondering what I need (hardware/software) to be able to access Exchange mailbox with a Blackberry phone. There will be 1 ... 10 Mar 2010 15:21
Exchange 2007 Account naming Conventions - Console vs Powershell
I was trying to add a service account via Powershell as a viewonlyadmin, and powershell indicated the account didn't exist. The account name was _sa$admin Powershell indicated that _sa didn't exist. But, I am able to add the same _sa$admin account via the Exchange Management Console. Should I be OK to move... 9 Mar 2010 15:50
server died - please advise on best course of action
Hi there, One of our exchange servers suffered a problem this morning and will not start. We're not sure what the problem is - it just hangs on the login screen. we suspect an underlying hardware fault but haven't had time to look at just yet. To complicate things our exchange guy is on vacation. The users ... 10 Mar 2010 03:05
Exchange 2007 users have full access to calendars
Hello I am running Exchange 2007 sp2, all users are running Outlook 2007 sp2, and we are using Autoaccept for all resource mailboxes, (we are not using direct booking) We are noticing that some users have "author permissions" on some of the resource mailbox calendars and they have the resource mailboxes cale... 10 Mar 2010 20:55
Public Folders
I have Public Folders in Exchange 2007 enabled due to legacy requirements. How can I view/edit the permissions (security tab?) with Exchange 2007 tools? Is there a way to bulk configure replication of PFs? Tx ... 10 Mar 2010 20:55
server prompting for nt login
I setup an Exchange 2010 server, and everything seems to work fine. But I do have one question. My workstation is running Outlook 2007 in cache mode. If I reboot the Exchange 2010 server, outlook goes offline as normal. But when the server comes back online, Outlook is prompting me for a NT username/passw... 10 Mar 2010 22:01
can a new email notification be sent to an external recipient?
i have this exact scenario and the reason we don't set up outlook is because we have a lot of info on the public folders that we don't want the external users to have access to. our external users are dealing with information that we don't want them to have in a file (PST) on their hard drive, so we have them set ... 10 Mar 2010 03:05
resource room mailbox
Hello all I am running Exchange 2007 sp2. It seems that some of the resource mailboxes are not sending a declined meeting notification when a user tries to book a meeting when there is a conflict. When the user creates the meeting the resource mailbox doesn't add the meeting to its calendar, but it also doesn'... 8 Mar 2010 17:35
Moving System Attnedant Mailbox
On exchange 2003 SP2, how do you remove the System Attendant mailbox from one Mailbox Store to a new Mailbox Store? I'm deleteing the first mailbox store and need it to be empty. ... 9 Mar 2010 08:56
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