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Converting the Everio's MOD files to AVI
I came across this thread after purchasing the Everio camcorder and looking for a solution to use it with MM2. I have just purchased the WinAVI Video Converter and it seems to be doing a great job for me. Now I can use my Everio clips in MM2, after converting the files. I also use the Cyberlink PowerDirector... 7 Mar 2006 22:20
best save setting to fit >1hr video on DVD
I work with jpgs in PhotoStory3 to transfer to MM2 where I add sound tracks and a beginning and end page. I then transfer the resultant .wmv to InterVideo WinDVD Creator to make my DVD. I've done this numerous times in the past with good results. However, the project I'm currently working on is not to my sat... 6 Mar 2006 09:22
Old version of TMPGEnc
Does anybody know where I can get a copy of an TMPGEnc b12a? This is an older version but I have seen some websites indicating it is better than the current. I would like to test it for myself. Thanks. ... 1 Mar 2006 15:01
The Video Device is Currently in Use
I know this was touched on but it does not cover my situation exactly. I have a Dell TV tuner made by Emuzed Angle USB TV tuner. Very little documentation from Dell or anyone. Have a Sharp Camcorder WD450u Pluged into the Svideo port and can't get anything out of it. In Windows Movie Maker click on capture and get ... 16 Mar 2006 06:24
Burning a DVD
Windows Movie Maker does not recognize my DVD Burner - it is a Sony DRU 720A DVD/CD Double Layer burner. It works with other programs I have. The burner had the windows logo stating that it was compatible with Windows XP. I can't find a compatibility list for Windows Movie Maker to see if it works with thi... 3 Jan 2006 00:25
.MSWMM to Windows Media Player File
Does anyone know how i can convert a Movie Maker file (.MSWMM) to a file type that Windows Media Player will play (eg. MPEG 3 or 4, or any other format)? ... 21 Dec 2005 01:04
When I save a project I can not open it again, think I have to install OPENMG SECURE MODULE, but don't know how. Could anyone help me please!!!! ... 22 Sep 2005 10:43
moviemake crashes
hi all running xp home sp2 and when i start moviemaker it crashes straight away thanks Tim faulting application moviemk.exe, version 2.1.4026.0, faulting module qedit.dll, version 6.5.2600.2180, fault address 0x0001a513 ... 18 Mar 2005 14:20
Media Center
Is it possible to get a plug in for Movie Maker to edit Media Center recorded videos. I want to use Movie Maker to remove commercials etc from Recordings ... 14 Feb 2005 18:53
previous device is currently in use
i am trying to capture home movies from my sony dvcr using winmm2. i am connected to my pc using rca jacks into an ati tv card. i have reset video output settings to 720x480. the first video captured fine. when trying to capture the second video i get the error message "video device currently in use" i... 14 Feb 2005 18:53
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