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Cannot complete the save movie wizard
I'm running VISTA and using Movie Maker 2.6. I've read most of the web pages on the subject; I've increased my virtual memory, I've attempted to cut up the movie into numerous segments but to no avail. The file will still not save. I've read "" pages on the subject, but he fails to actually indic... 8 Feb 2009 04:03
Cannot complete the save movie wizard
I have read most of the threads on the above-noted subject but to little avail. Despite having increased the RAM, chopped up the movie into smaller segments, etc., I am still unable to save the movie into a single file. I am at wit's end. Papajohn's site was helpful, but it failed to actually provide some ins... 8 Feb 2009 04:03
szModName : hungapp szModVer: offset 00000000
running AppVer 2.04026.0 and above is what I got this time. HELP!!! ... 4 Feb 2009 09:37
Cutting off letter
When I am doing Title and credits, I am am currently having problems with "credits at the end". I have typed in all of my credits, and have verified everything is input correctly. For some reason when the movie is published, it cuts off the last character of some of the credits; it is not consistant in which on... 25 Jan 2009 17:11
Some Transitions won't drag onto storyboard - Windows Moviemaker
I have a project with two dozen small videos on my story board - I can drag the same transitions between at least half of them, but randomly, when I try to drag a transition between 2 clips, I get a circle with a line through it, and the transition won't go on the story board. The clips, to my knowledge, are j... 17 Dec 2008 00:34
XP - WMM closes if I click on import video
When I click on import video it goes to my video's for a second then shuts down. (Pictures work just not video's) What I have been doing for the past year or so - (Don't ask why so much work arounds - it worked for me until now) I bought Nero so I could burn DVD's. I make my movie in Movie Maker - edit t... 15 Dec 2008 15:37
Class not registered???
Have done the reinstall using .inf/I386 moviemk.ex_ routine and it now works (thanks to this forum for the workaround) but ... I now get this message "***.wmv could not be imported. Class not registered." for all videos. Using XP Pro SP3 Can anyone assist please. Thank you. ... 4 Dec 2008 02:52
Movie Maker 2.1 (4026.) doesn't recognize
I am using MS Movie maker 2.1 version and trying to capture video files from my Samsung HD camcordor, movie maker doesn't recognize file type, I get this error: The file HDV_0006.MP4 is not a supported file type, and it cannot be imported into Windows Movie Maker. Do you have any suggestions for me? MS Mov... 11 Dec 2008 22:05
Red X "Browse for missing file" problem
I have files that have a big red X through them. I already know how to fix that and I've done it numerous times in the past, but a new problem has shown up when I find the "missing" file: The file you selected doesn't match the original file closely enough to be used as a replacement. I don't understand thi... 11 Nov 2008 15:58
WMM 2.1.4026
having a problem importing *.avi file downloaded from my Canon SD750. Error says. C:\Documents and Settings\myname\Desktop\MVI_0082.AVI could not be imported. Unspecified error why ... 17 Oct 2008 15:36
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