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ADCS Error, event id 109, help, please
1.- Event Id. 109 - SERVIDOR-CLASSIC This message is for C/AL programmers: This Automation variable has not been instantiated. You can instantiated it by Esther creating or assigning it. How can i locate this variable?? thanks ... 26 Oct 2005 19:06
Microsoft Common Dialog - ShowColor
Hi all, I've a problems with getting the Color(property) after the ShowColor mehtod's call. The CommonDialog control has the Color property, which should return the color code, but it's in OLE_COLOR type. How I can convert this type into the standart types of Navision (integer, text, etc.)? It's possible... 18 Oct 2005 10:56
Navision 4.0 Books
Hi I have been given the reponsability to develop for Navision. We currently have 3.7 but we might upgrade to 4.0 I was looking online for books for Navision. Does anyone know any good Navision books for Developers? ... 17 Oct 2005 06:13
C/Front and Navision 4.0
Hi, I have problems to get C/Front to work OK with Navision 4.0. When I try to connect to the database with the sample app provided in the SDK I get an exception ?The server and client do not have the same program version number.? in DBL_ConnectServerAndOpenDatabase. If I try to do the same thing with C/Fro... 17 Oct 2005 01:06
Problem with Navision Account Schedules (GL menu)
Version: GB MBS - Navision 3.70b Problem with Navision Account Schedules (GL menu) I've created a report with two columns, when I click Account schedule overview, the period columns shows the PERIOD figures and the YTD column shows the YTD figures BUT ... - when you click Functions Print Preview, both colum... 8 Sep 2005 15:13
double-byte character set, code page 950,
Dear all How can i solve this problem?? The double-byte character set, code page 950, on your computer is not supported by this version of Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision. My computer language is Chinese (Taiwan) When i new a db in navision (Type: SQL) and choose the SQL Collation (Western-Europ... 27 Aug 2005 11:02
finhlink.exe and navision://client/run? options
hi all, I can't find any official documentation about this method and parameters, I could only find sample around but nothing regarding all the possible switches. I'm particularly looking for the option to select an authentication method from the link (from command line option would be ntauthentication=yes/no... 23 Aug 2005 09:16
Navision Verson 4 ScemaXt Problem on Widow 2003 Server
I installed Navision Database server 4.0 after I had installed Navision Client 4.0 (full Vesion) on Window 2003 Server PC using Active Directory. After installing Navision Database Server 4.0 using TCP/IP (Kerberos) connection, I need to publish it to the network for other client and server to identify and co... 22 Aug 2005 05:30
C/Front Problems in Visual Basic .NET with FieldNoArray and CalcFields
Hi, I'm using CFront in my Visual Basic .net Application. I'm accessing Navision on a Microsoft SQL 2000 Server Dataaccess to normal Datafields work with no problem. but I'm having Problems with the Calcfields. I tried almost every notation for the FieldNoArray and CalcFields Functions. I always get the same ... 12 Jul 2005 17:31
Installation and Configuration Exam VUE NA 40-226
I want to pass the Installation and Configuration Exam,I am studying moc 8404a. Where I can find material/questions to test my skill? Thanks in advance. ... 28 Jun 2005 03:09
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