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Seamless usage of RecordRef and FieldRef in parameters
It should be possible to use functions that has RecordRef/FieldRef parameters directly with Records/Fields. If for example you have a function defined like this: SomeFunction(VAR RecRef : RecordRef;VAR FldRef : FieldRef) Currently we have to use it like this: RecRef.GETTABLE(Cust); RecRef2.GETTABLE(Vend)... 22 Dec 2006 05:54
Navigation Pane - Add-on
Hi, I am trying to setup Navigation pane by company. I created Add-on 1 and Add-on 2 with different menus. I created two different super user roles with access to everything else except some restriction on Menusuite. Super Super Role 1 is assigned with Add-on 1 menusuite along with other permisions on tab... 3 Jan 2007 09:52
msdn licence
hi I new in the nav world and got me the download of navision from technet. I also downloaded the msdn licence and imported it. my question is: Can i make new tables, forms, reports ... with the licence and wat nummber can I use? The hole granule thing is not clear to me yet Granule ID Name ... 13 Jan 2007 11:02
Errors running under Citrix
Hi I am having problems with Navision (Version GB 4.0 SP1) crashing out for users when they are using the system over Citrix. It seems to affect (in the most part) just one of our companies. The user is just carrying out routine tasks, with nothing too taxing occurring on the database. The users are using the... 11 Dec 2006 06:05
Navision 4.0 Error message
Our users that are connecting via Citrix 3.6 are experiencing Error ID 1000 Source Microsoft Bisiness Solutions-Navision cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. The following information is part of the... 7 Dec 2006 15:00
Navision client supports multibyte charsets - why not Unicode?
I am experiencing the same DBCS problem. So I opened the fin.stx file in notepad and changed the 0 to a 1 but now I get a different error stating there is a checksum error in the fin.stx file. Any ideas? Thanks "Petr Soumar" wrote: Hello, I am a consultant from one of MBS Partners and I have to ofte... 19 Dec 2006 07:46
Purchase Receipt - Same lot number different shipment.
I am using Item tracking, Lot numbers. I order 10,000 items. First purchase receipt is 2000 Lot number A1234. The next Day I receive 3000 more Lot number A1234 but when I try to assign the lot number It says I can only handle 2000. How do I maintain the integrity of the Vendor Lot Number. I don't want to creat... 6 Dec 2006 21:27
File > Database > New (Dynamics NAV 4.0)
anyone know how to stop a Microsoft Dynamics NAV user from being able to select File > Database > New !!! ... 4 Dec 2006 20:49
Report Designer - Permissions
Hi, I am pulling my hair out with this one. I can't save any of my reports. The error I get is: "You do not have permission to create the 'Report-Name' Report. Contact the system manager if you to have your permission changed.' The things is that I am the system manager and I have given myself the SUPER ... 16 Nov 2006 04:54
Printing problem
Hi, I have problem with printing issues in Navision. The invoice's paper size A5 (148-210) and the printer is Oki Microline 320 elite I am choosing A5 as paper size in report properties.But the result is failure. Are there anything that ? miss as setup for print? I need quick response, Thank you ... 7 Nov 2006 04:13
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