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Quickbooks Conversion Tool
I am trying to use the New QB conversion tool. It seems to be pretty solid except that none of the QB account numbers are being used. G/L account, Customer and Vendor numbers are unrecognizable and the actual codes do not exist in the export files anywhere. Has anyone figured out how to get the QBExport.exe to... 12 Dec 2007 14:25
Date formulas
Are the date formulas CM+10D and D10 essentially the same thing? Why would you want to use one in place of the other? TIA, -- _________________________ ryanb. NA 4.00 SP1 (4.0 SP3) SQL Running via Citrix ... 12 Dec 2007 02:24
Post & Print An Invoice
Hello, I was hoping to get some help in this group regarding a problem with one our users: he is trying to print and post an invoice. Everytime he tries to post and print, he receives the following error: Posting Date must be completely preinvoiced before you can ship or invoice. in Sales Header Document Type=... 9 Dec 2007 21:58
Navision Attain 3.10a
Does anyone know if Attain version 3.10a is supported on Vista Jay ... 9 Dec 2007 21:58
white papers
Hi ... anyone know where can find dynamics nav used for retail food with diferents warehouse ? Clients? looking at new version but I can't find any doc or whitepaper on this new field. ... 13 Nov 2007 08:26
ODBC error occured
Dear All, when i try to connect to Dynamics NAV i got this error : " The following ODBC error occured " Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server] Timeout Expired State ID: HYT00 ... 1 Oct 2007 06:56
Importing into Item Journal
Hello, I am using a dataport to import lines into an item journal. When I go and post the entries, I get this error: "You cannot post these lines because you have not entered a quantity on one or more of the lines" Here are the dataport fields I used in Item Line Journal: Enabled SourceExpr StartPos Wi... 20 Sep 2007 17:31
Windows Authentication error
Dear All, I have a site with Active directory installed, I creaet a database and make new windows login for each user and give each windows login a roles. and make a sycronaization susscufully. But when I go to the user computer log into the domain. and open the Nav 5.0, select the server and the database an... 13 Sep 2007 09:36
How to change the "Posting Description" on posted Credit memos.
Dear all, I need to change the “posting Description” on some of posted Credit Memos. Posting description from Table no 114 Sales Credit Memo Table. i v got super user permission. but It is not allow me to change the text. Message is saying “ You do not have permission to modify records in the Sales Cr. Memo Head... 6 Sep 2007 09:10
Hello, I need customize a client installation for Dynamics NAV to execute in silent mode. I thougth to install a silently using a MST file but I don�t can it. Any idea??? Thanks, ... 4 Sep 2007 02:59
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