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Bill Graham wrote:

> It costs about 25 cents to make a gallon of
> gasoline....All the rest is taxes. the $3.00 a gallon I pay is more than
> enough to keep up the roads. I don't understand why you can't see what is
> obvious to me....The government is stealing us blind.

In 2008, taxes in Canada represented on average 35% of the pump price versus 20%
in the U.S.

You assume that the production companies are not making money?

The numbers don't add up but this suggests that crude oil costs are 69%

Where are you getting your 25 cents from?


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C J Campbell <christophercampbellremovethis(a)> wrote:
> rfischer(a) (Ray Fischer) said:
>> C J Campbell <christophercampbellremovethis(a)> wrote:
>>> On 2010-02-13 11:46:54 -0800, rfischer(a) (Ray Fischer) said:
>>>>>> I have seen far too many CEO's laying off $60,000/yr workers so that
>>>>>> they can continue to take home $20,000,000/yr. To think that a
>>>>>> typical CEO has the interests of employees as a priority is naive.
>>>>>> If they cared about employees or the company then they'd be getting
>>>>>> $1,000,000/yr and using the extra money to keep 200 employees producing
>>>>>> products to sell.
>>>>> Your comments make it obvious that you know absolutely nothing about
>>>>> business. A good CEO holds the interests the company first.
>>>> LOL! Is that what they tell you?
>>>>> In a public
>>>>> company, he is accountable to the board, who represents the interests of the
>>>>> owners.
>>>> ROFL! The board represent the shareholders?!? And you really believe that?
>>>> When was the last time a board member got fired by the shareholders?
>>>> When was the last time shareholders picked a board member? Or CEO?
>>> What are you talking about? Happens all the time. Or do you read the
>>> financial pages?
>> Then you should be able to provide plenty of examples....
>Probably a little above your head, but try this article about a study
>of what happens to boards of directors after they fire a CEO.

It must be far beyond your understaning since not only are there no
examples of what you claim happens often, it even states that:

"Typically, shareholders have no direct disciplinary mechanism
over the board's actions beyond the election of directors,
which in practice merely implies ratification of an existing slate
of directors proposed by management or by the board itself through
a nominating committee of independent directors."

>Notice that the study examined 144 corporations, of whom 48 had fired CEOs.

And if you were smart you'd have remembered that you were supposed to
provide evidence for your claim that board members are fired "all the

>Not that I expect any number of examples to change your mind.

So far you have failed to provide even one example and you cited an
article which actually supports my claims.

As I stated before - you're a gullible idiot.

Ray Fischer

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On 2010-02-13 22:51:35 -0800, tony cooper <tony_cooper213(a)> said:

> On Sat, 13 Feb 2010 22:13:02 -0800, C J Campbell
> <christophercampbellremovethis(a)> wrote:
>>> Well, regardless of what you call it, can you see that replacing the
>>> income tax with a sales tax would be a boon to those of us who invest
>>> most of our incomes, and a blow to those of us who have to spend
>>> everything we make in order to live?
>> I think that is, in essence, what I said.
> But it really isn't a fair assessment of what would happen if the
> "FairTax" was to be implemented. (Which, in my opinion, it never will
> be) The proposal isn't just to switch from the present income tax
> system to a consumption tax. There are other bells and whistles
> involved that do level the playing field.
> To understand it, maybe you should both read the book this gentleman
> is holding:
> It just so happens that I went to a Tea Party "Hob Nob and Straw Poll"
> rally today here in Orlando where I took this photo. I went there
> only because I thought it would be a good opportunity to take some
> candid photographs. Since I am not a Conservative, a Republican*, or
> remotely interested in the politics of this group, I spent a lot of
> time shooing away people who wanted me to sign petitions or sport
> their campaign buttons.
> *Technically, I am a Republican. I registered as a Republican in 1959
> and have never changed my registration status. I vote cross-ticket in
> local and state elections and usually on the Democrat side for
> national elections. Being a registered Republican, though, allows me
> to vote in the Republican primary and for the opponent of anyone
> backed by the Christian Coalition or that shows signs of being in the
> Religious Right.
> Gee is actually part of this thread now.

It seems that book reached its target market.



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Bill Graham wrote:

> Will do. At 10% government, society is great, At 20% government it's still
> not too bad, but a bit less than "great" and at 50% government it is
> oppressive, way to socialistic, and a long, long way from being great. - We
> passed the 50% mark some time ago, and with Obama/Pelosi, we are fast
> heading to 60% and above.

The current US government spends about 20% of GDP. By your account
not too bad, but a bit less than "great" .


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> "Peter" <peternew(a)> wrote in message
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>> If the government spending was at the level he claims to want, he will be
>> very busy: Digging holes to safeguard his money; target practice;
>> worrying whether his doctor really had a medical license; whether his
>> grandchildren's teachers were competent to teach; growing his own food
>> because of worry about adulterating substances; etc.
>> --
>> Peter
> Funny......I am worried about all of these things right now, in spite of
> the fact that we are paying over 50% of our incomes in taxes. That's
> because the government just steals our money and gives us nothing for it.
> Have you checked out the basket weavers they are graduating from college
> nowadays? And when was the last time there was a scare about foreign
> canned goods, or unsafe toys? How many illegal aliens are we supporting
> nowadays? 20 million? 25 million? good God, man, there are only about 100
> million heads of households in this country. What, exactly is your
> government doing with your tax dollars? And they are borrowing trillions
> from China to cover their expenditures.....Doesn't this bother you at all?
> Why don't you wake up?

You don't want to pay for proper inspection, yet you claim to worry about
If you are really worried about those things, you would not be against
government. You would be working towards proper channeling of government