From: John H Meyers on
On Wed, 28 Feb 2007 23:44:35 -0600, <sf> wrote:

> I have Eudora 7+ and the sponsored window
> has been "dead" for a couple of days.

Thanks for confirming that you don't receive them, either.

> Does anyone know why it happened and/or what can I do about it?

It's supposed to happen, because Qualcomm
is no longer selling ads,
and has predicted since last October
that they were going to stop:

> I use the ad screen undocked and I don't ever bury it.
> In fact, I think their ads have become more interesting
> in the past few months...

All I could recently get were "GoToMyPC" and "eFax";
maybe you have better cable service in your area :)

> so ads are not an issue for me. What *IS* an issue
> is the fact that the ads are not displaying.
> Unfortunately, I don't remember the "fix".

It doesn't need fixing; sooner or later
(and it looks like sooner, perhaps right now)
the beloved ads cease to be broadcast,
and the old TV goes dead (the same is supposed
to happen for "low-definition" broadcast TV in USA, alas)

> My only need is to get the ads back in the "sponsored by" window
> so I can continue using Eudora in sponsored mode.

You can continue using Eudora "in perpetuity," as Qualcomm says,
because receipt of the ads is no longer necessary; Windows
Eudora version and Mac version 6.2.4 no longer care
whether or not ads are received (this was set up long
ahead of time, so that Eudora could be used "forever"
without further user action of any kind).

If you review this entire thread, you will see various
additional options you can take, none of which are necessary;
you can toss the "blank" Ad window away, if you like
(or leave it, it doesn't matter to Eudora),
or do something else that could be slightly controversial,
but no matter what you do, all will continue to go well,
except for the lack of interesting ads -- if you miss those,
just install some "Adware," and you'll be bombarded
with more ads than you could ever even look at,
even if it were your full-time job :)

-[ ]-
From: Luke on
On Wed, 28 Feb 2007 19:55:27 -0600, "John H Meyers"
<jhmeyers(a)nomail.invalid> wrote:

>On Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:39:37 -0600, Luke wrote:
>[after making the Ad window "float in main window"
>(but out of sight) via an edit of Eudora.ini]
>> No way in Eudora to permanently remove the dread "e"?
>You could turn off Eudora's "MDI task bar" :)

I like the task bar, but detest the "e", so it's back to pushing the
old ad window mostly out of sight in a corner. A tiny annoyance now
the ads are gone from the window and toolbar :-). Thanks for your

>I don't think you're bothering with this anyway,
>seeing your last post, but perhaps someone else
>still has an interest in this arcane issue.

No, haven't done that. Have you?

From: Scott Harper on
In article <op.tohj77w6nn735j(a)>, "John H Meyers" <jhmeyers(a)nomail.invalid> wrote:
>Having located your current data folder,
>do you find any other files in the "EudPriv/Ads" sub-folder,
>besides: AdCache, CInfo.dat, and Eudora.idx ?
>If so, what file name(s), and what modification dates/times?
>Files with names such as "1051612330.mfs" are dated files
>which are downloaded from,
>specifying detailed available ad info, including the URLs
>to graphic images at; those graphic images
>(.jpg and .png) are then downloaded into the AdCache folder,
>where they remain cached so that Eudora can display them
>in rotation for a while, until it's time to
>try to go fetch a new bunch.
>Please check whether any ".mfs" file(s) or image files
>have today's modification date, and if so,
>could you list any name(s) of any current ".mfs" files
>(if not current, list the latest one,
>with the highest number in its name).

My "Ads" directory has 1058405698.mfs, dated today, and the AdCache directory
has 6194fc42.jpg dated yesterday (which was when I deleted/regenerated the
EudPriv directory). But like I said, the graphic is for the "To remain in
Sponsored mode Upgrade Now!" ad, so it's not a "real" ad, more like an
internal Eudora ad.

Also, having entered a fake registration code per your other thread about
personalizing the splash/about screens, I am still getting the nag to go
register. I tried the "real" (?) registration code posted earlier in this
thread just for kicks, and that doesn't seem to have any impact either.

With Eudora supposedly going away from a paid version, I was kind of wondering
if there would be a way to get rid of all the nags...

>> This is on a 5.2 install, so it might be related
>> to your "revert to light" discussion.
>I don't know of any different behavior between versions,
>except that version is supposed to have disabled
>various behaviors of "nagging" for not getting ads,
>and presumably for not registering, not profiling,
>or being asked to send statistics (since all of this stuff
>will eventually be shut down at Qualcomm).
>By the way, is there a reason for staying at 5.2?

5.2 works the way I need it to, I like the look and feel, and I don't
particularly need (or want) all the flashy new features introduced since, so
why mess with a good thing? :-)

From: Scott Harper on
In article <op.tohmapd3nn735j(a)>, "John H Meyers" <jhmeyers(a)nomail.invalid> wrote:
>On Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:39:37 -0600, Luke wrote:
>> No way in Eudora to permanently remove the dread "e"?

>I don't think you're bothering with this anyway,
>seeing your last post, but perhaps someone else
>still has an interest in this arcane issue.

I tried it... I'm like Luke, I like the task bar, but I detest the "e". I'd
rather have the ad window.

Also, it took several tries of changing back to MDIChild=0 before I could get
things back to the "original" way. But I eventually did...

From: Old Enough on
On Wed, 28 Feb 2007 13:14:16 -0600, "John H Meyers" <jhmeyers(a)nomail.invalid>

>If you would like to try a slightly different approach,
>make sure that the Ad window is un-docked, drag it down
>until it vanishes, close Eudora, and then edit Eudora.ini
>as follows:
>Search for the string "316" until you find these lines:
>(if you don't find exactly this, go back and un-dock the Ad window)
>Now look within the same [ToolBar-BarXX] section,
>generally above where you just found those lines,
>and find this line:
>Change that line to say:
This worked for me.
>Now save your edited Eudora.ini and start Eudora.

Old enough . . .
to know I don't know a thing.
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