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Organize and Extract Data from Bouncebacks
My CRM program handles sending bulk emails very well. The one thing it does not do is anything with the undeliverable messages. I have a folder for them setup and a rule to move them there automatically, but I'd like to start working on updating the database itself. Is there a way I can automate bulling the bad... 4 Mar 2010 01:17
Printing shared calendar and tasks
I need to print my boss' calendar with his tasks from my computer. It will print his calendar but it prints my tasks on his daily calendar. Is there a way to change this? ... 9 Mar 2010 20:23
Can I change the calendar on the To Do bar to a public calendar?
A user monitors a shared group calendar in an office. She would like to have this calender displayed on the To-Do bar in Outlook 2007. Can it be done? ... 3 Mar 2010 15:18
My outlook 2002 is over capacity and dosen't allow me to use it a.
Anyone know how to fix outllok 2002 when it is frozen because it has reached its limited? ... 3 Mar 2010 10:42
OL2007 uncompressible PST file
I have deleted all messages in my pst file. Folder size says it is 1MB but file size says it is 1.2GB. Compress PST file does not. Any ideas? ... 3 Mar 2010 18:41
"on behalf of" header
I am using Outlook 2003 to access AOL email; when I send a message (using IMAP/SMTP), the "From" indicates that I'm sending mail to "myemail [myemail(a)address] on behalf of myemail" - I am the only email account set up in Outlook. How may I remove the "on behalf of" header? -- Nikki ... 3 Mar 2010 11:51
Setting Default Search Folders in Advanced Find
Each time i use the advanced find to search for related messages it searches the Inbox, Sent Items and Mailbox folders by default. Is there any way to change this default setting? i'd like to have it only search the inbox and sent items folders unless i tell it otherwise. ... 3 Mar 2010 09:33
Toolbar Color
Can the default (light blue) color of Microsoft's Outlook toolbar be changed? It is too light against mostly white items for my eyes (not good for anyone's vision). ... 3 Mar 2010 09:33
error profile outlook exchange 2007
I am trying to create a new outlook user profile to exchange 2007, there is a branch in Netherland that connect exchange server in Brazil via VPN client. The VPN connection is working fine, we can access files etc. The question is when we setup outlook profile appears a message "cannot open your default mail ... 3 Mar 2010 09:33
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