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Outlook 2010 - How do I categorize my email in a particular color?
In 2007 I could categorize my incoming email by a particular color, this allowed me to color code particular people and made it very easy to see who had emailed at a glance. This is HIGHLY convenient for someone who receives hundreds of emails a day from all over the company. For example: I could color code ... 6 Mar 2010 11:52
Search Task, contacts and calendar together
In Outlook 2003, the search function allowed the task, contacts and calendar folrders to be searched all at once. I just started using Outlook 2007 and I have not been able to duplicate that kind of search. How do i create a search that searches across all 3 folders at once. Thanks for the help ... 9 Mar 2010 14:41
change font size in the Folder List in MS Outlook
change list of list in All Outlook Items in Folder List Pane ... 5 Mar 2010 23:59
One outbox message does not send
Ocassionally one message in my Outbox does not send. The message title for this message in the outbox is not in italics (required for sending). How do I get it to change back to italics and to send? I've re-opened it and used "Send" and tried numerous other tricks to no avail. -- Dmartinaus (Austin) ... 5 Mar 2010 22:55
Remove Attachments from Emails?
For Outlook 2007, the removal option does not appear to work the same as previous Outlook versions. Any idea on how 2007 version removes attachments when the email is open (not in preview pane)? "Dave" wrote: Cliff Open the email. Right click on the attachment. Click on remove. Save the email. D... 5 Mar 2010 18:31
'Compact Now' is not reducing after clearning the 'delete fold
Judy, Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I have closed and openned Outlook multiple times since the compacting the pst file. This has been a problem for 3 days now and I would say I've tried compacting over 8 times and have closed and oppened Outlook over 15 times over the last 3 days and the file siz... 8 Mar 2010 22:04
attachment option task pane does not display outlook 2007
I am unable to resize photos in outlook 2007 as the Attachment Option Task Pane does not open from the insert menu. If I open the photo first and then send as email the task pane works. ... 5 Mar 2010 15:06
How do I get outlook 2002 to stop forwarding mail to my blackberr.
I had my outlook e-mail forwarding to my blackberry through, but when I switched to a different cellphone, my outlook continues to try to forward my mail and sends out responses that the e-mail is undeliverable. How do I get outlook 2002 to stop forwarding my mail? ... 5 Mar 2010 15:06
delay delivery option
I can't disable this option. It is placed in every message I try to send and is automatically set for 5 pm each day. When I uncheck the box is goes right back in. ... 5 Mar 2010 15:06
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