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OWA - signature spell check
I have seen several posts here about problems people have with spell check on OWA not checking the signature, but my problem is the opposite. I have exhcange 2007 and the majority or our users are OWA clients. Some have a custom signature and when they try to send, the OWA client is not recognizing some of the last na... 3 Mar 2010 08:27
Inbox - messages with no headers or content
I am using Outlook 2007 sp2 A large number of email notifications have appeared in my inbox - they have no From or Subject and no content they only show a reveived date and a size nearly all at 326b -- I asssume that they are some form of spam - how can I get these items to go straight to my junk mail box oth... 3 Mar 2010 07:21
my outlook wont open and it says cannot open outlook window
please can you help as my computer wont open outlook but will open all other office systems ... 3 Mar 2010 07:21
I downloaded Office 2010 Beta - I had previously downloaded the 'Backup' function for my previous version of Outlook, and set it for a daily backup (it just popped up when I closed Outlook down) - in the new version I have to do it manually (when I eventually found it!). I cannot seem to be able set the Backup f... 3 Mar 2010 06:16
Replying to emails changes font
Very often when I reply to emails, Outlook changes the the font and fontsize of my signature from Tahoma 10pt to Times Roman 12 pt. Above the signature, where I write my message, the font is still Tahoma 10pt. The font of the sender is not necessarily Times Roman, it seems to pick a similar font. Sometimes it c... 3 Mar 2010 04:05
Outlook 2007 RPC/HTTP can not logon/connect to server
I have a beautiful installation of Window7, with an equally beautiful installation of Office 2007. All the beauty is darnished for my client by being unable to use Outlook Anywhere (RPC/HHTP) to collect email when he is working out of the office. We have 40 users on the SBS 2003 server, and 10 of them use RPC... 3 Mar 2010 03:00
Synchronization stops unexpectedly with Outlook and Blackberry
The syncronization process stops unexpectedly between my Blackberry 8310 using RIM Desktop Manager and Microsoft Outlook 2007. One message appearing is "Function OpenMsgStore Failed". Things worked fine for two months and then shortly after an auto update from Microsoft the sychronization process stopped. I'... 3 Mar 2010 00:47
exporting email account
it will be very usefull if we can export and import email account like outlook express ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the but... 3 Mar 2010 11:51
e-mail ribbon
Why don't they have a "close" option in the action box on the e-mail bibbon? Did they think CLOSE would not be used very much??? Paul ... 3 Mar 2010 11:51
Contacts in PAB not showing up when using (in Mail) To:
Outlook 2003 on Win 7 up to date In my Outlook Contacts I have a Personal Address Book with about 100 entries. I can see these contacts in "Contacts" But when I go to Mail > New email > To: (a window opens with Personal Address Book in dropdown) There are no items in the list to pick from or even to sear... 2 Mar 2010 23:44
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