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I need an OL-compatible non-IMAP public domain name, if possible
Running OL2007 under Vista Home Premium SP2. I'm switching my ATT service to Quest, and I'll need a new domain for my address. I've seen that using, being an IMAP (sp?) server, requires the use of Outlook Connector (no problem there), but it also denies the true recipient name in the Sent Items listin... 4 Mar 2010 02:21
Outlook 2007 Pop-up Window
For my application I have no use for the Location Information Pop-up window. When I enter a phone number in Contacts it activates and the only way I have found to turn it off is to use the Wndows Task Manager and kill Outlook, which I am starting to take some saticfaction in. Is there any way to turn the Pop-... 3 Mar 2010 16:26
.oft templates/forms and signatures
Hi - I have a follow-on to this thread.... I've created a message based form and have published this form to one of our public folders. All of the users are using Outlook 2003 SP3 but just to make sure, I've tested a user specifcally with the registry edit previously suggested. Anyway, the form can be used a... 3 Mar 2010 18:41
How do I undo 'overstrike' in Outlook?
Sometimes when I'm typing an e-mail I must inadvertently hit some combination fo keys that instigates overstrike feature. Instead of inserting characters, my typing gobbles up whatever is after it. In Word it's a key on the bottom of the page; can't figure out how to disable in Outlook. Microsoft "help" is n... 3 Mar 2010 15:18
Outlook 2007 .NK2 file
What is the limit for the Outlook 2007 Auto-Complete file (.nk2). I have seen conflicting reports on blogs that the limit for the .NK2 file for Outlook 2003 & 2007 is 1000 addresses and then I've seen it is 1000 for 2003 and 2000 for 2007. I have a technician with a user with Outlook 2007 that has over 900 but ... 3 Mar 2010 16:26
"The messaging service interface has returned an unknown error."
Outlook XP Pro v 2002 SP3. A friend often sends collections of .doc, .pdf. Sometimes get this message and can't do anything, but go back and send them one at a time. Files are NOT a particularly large size. There is no relation to one specific file type, or number of files: may fail on a small number, or suceed... 3 Mar 2010 14:10
How do I put information into a NEW journal table?
Having created a New table in Outlook 2003 Journal with different column headings (to record family tree history), how can I put information into each of the new headings, which do not appear on the Journal Entry form? ... 3 Mar 2010 14:10
outlook is blanking out previously opened emails
When I open outlook with my msn account previously viewed and/or replied to emails and previously sent emails are all blank. Can anyone help. The messages aare still readble in hotmail but are blank in outlook. ... 3 Mar 2010 18:41
Always displaying attachment bar under subject line
I was wondering if there is a way to always display the attachment bar under the subject line everytime a new email is created. I am aware that attachments appear under the subject line when HTML or plain text email formats are chosen. My client wants the bar to appear all the time even without an attachment ad... 3 Mar 2010 16:26
how do I route email messages from person to person for approval?
I have an outlook message that I want to route to a number of people for approval. Can this be done and, if so, how? ... 3 Mar 2010 14:10
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