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Outlook 2007 crashes: mssphtb.dll
In my windows 7 64 bit PC outlook 2007 had been running fine. A week ago I had a lockup and a corrupt ntfs fixked with chkdsk c:/f. I also installed quicktime (not itunes) and since then I can not start outlook, but word starts fine. I can start outlook.exe /safe, but it doesn't remember what I tell it: Each ti... 6 Jan 2010 09:51
name on e-mail
hello, when i send an e-mail from our account it shows up as my husbands name instead of the actual e-mail address. How do we change this so our last name pops up instead of his? ... 4 Jan 2010 04:54
Outlook 2007 cannot create temp file, please check tmp variable
Hello, I have a very strange problem, my Outlook 2007 worked fine for months now, now today Outlook starts up with this strange message !(see subject) I have set my TMP and my TEMP to a other location with enough space, but that did not solve my problem... What can i do to solve this ? i can not use Outloo... 3 Jan 2010 09:25
deleted items folder and sent items folder not available in outlo.
I installed office 10 beta. Outlook will download and send emails, but will not delete measages and has error "Deleted Item folder not available". ... 2 Jan 2010 22:41
Outlook 2007/2010 with Windows 7
I want 2 seperate accounts for outlook so one or the other can't read the others mail, contacts etc. Please help ... 2 Jan 2010 13:55
Moving E-Mails to different folders
I usally move old e-mails to my extrnal hard drive for the record. Once I move any message it shows only the subject and not the person sent that message just like the inbox. I would like to see the messages in my extrnal hard drive to show the person name where it is coming from. ... 2 Jan 2010 15:01
make a .jpg the default background for Outlook messages?
I have Office '03/Windows XP. I have a .jpg image which I would like as the default background for all messages in Outlook without having to insert it each time I create a message. Help accomplishing this would be appreciated. ~ Dan ... 2 Jan 2010 11:42
Missing PST
After enabling "Show Hidden file and folders" Option in Tools>Folder Options tab run the inbox repair tool. View tab Following article help you to find and manage .pst file There are some limitation of this Utility: 2 Jan 2010 19:24
can no longer receive emails from yahoo account
You may reconfigure the linking. Following article might help you to resolve the problem: 1. 2. "James" wrote: I used the scan.pst program to scan for proble... 2 Jan 2010 06:19
PST recovery
What Kind of problem exactly you faced while repairing corrupt .pst file using Stellar's Outlook PST repair Tool. It may be because of some technical issue. Either you can try the new version of the software which is more efficient and equipped with excellent features like compatibility with windows7, count o... 2 Jan 2010 06:19
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