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Program stops (creating pivot table) when too many records
Hi all, I have a macro which creates a Pivot Table using the records I provide and it works fine up to probably 40,000 records. When the database becomes too big, the program stops at the line of code which creates the Pivot Table with an error message. 1) Pressing F5 simply gives the same error message. ... 5 Mar 2010 03:58
Match the value and highlight offset
Hi, I have a list on range for sheet2.range("A1:A1000"). If any cell value in sheet1 matches the value in my original list in Sheet2, I want to highlight the cell.offset(0,-1) and cell.offset(0,-2). I got lost in the for each code:) Is there someone can guide me through with a code? I rephrase my problem for cla... 5 Mar 2010 02:54
object required
i copied this from a book. i run the macro and it says object required. what's up? Private Sub cmdinsertheading_click() Cells(1, "d").Value = txtheading.Text Cells(1, "d").Select With Selection .Font.Bold = True .Font.Name = "arial" .Font.Size = 72 .Font... 5 Mar 2010 02:54
Centered Overlay Title in VBA
I'd like to ensure that the titles of my chart are all set to be "Centered Overlay Title", but I can't figure out the code to do it. I've got the chart object named myCht. What next? Thanks, Barb Reinhardt ... 4 Mar 2010 19:12
Message still appears with DisplayAlerts = False & SaveChanges:=Fa
In an Excel 2003 macro, I have 3 workbooks, each of which I close with this code: ActiveWindow.Close SaveChanges:=False This has run for months without incident but now, in each instance, pops up a form entitled "Document modified," with the prompt: "The active document has been changed. Save Changes?" ... 4 Mar 2010 16:58
help with dates in the past
Hi. I currently have a code that correctly filters the case reviews due for a given month (for my example, it is for March). I want, however, to make a file that filters all of the past due case reviews. Here is my current code: Sub GetOverdueReviews() ' ' GetOverdueReviews Macro ' ' ' Sheets(... 18 Mar 2010 10:33
Checking latest Forefront updates
Hi all Using VBA does anyone know how to retrieve the latest Forefront updates date? -- Steve ... 4 Mar 2010 15:50
How to execute a dynamically added or changed module
I can write code to add a module to or change a module in the current project. Once this is done, how can I programmatically cause a recompile so that I can execute the new code without manual intervention? (I would like to read column headers and, depending on each header, create a variable I would use to refer... 5 Mar 2010 08:20
create pivot chart in vbscript
Hello: I'm having trouble creating a pivot chart using vbscript. I have a vbscript that pulls info from AD and dumps it into Excel. I currently add the pivot chart manually to each report, but wanted to automate it. Is this possible? ... 4 Mar 2010 14:41
Need help to read Pie Chart Series Range
Excel 2003, I have an existing Pie Chart and want to extract the Ranges (cells) used. My code below returns with a "Type mismatch" error. Sub GetPieChartSeries() Dim mySeries As Series ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(1).Activate Set mySeries = ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1) Debug.Print mySeries.XVal... 4 Mar 2010 13:32
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