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how can get average of 3 max values out of 7 values in a row
how can get average of 3 max values out of 7 values in a row ... 28 Oct 2007 08:46
Import data from a secure website to Excel
Hi, I'm trying to get data imported from our company web system but the web query doesn't get data from password protected site. Does anyone know a way arround it? Anything would help. Thanks! ... 10 Oct 2007 22:14
weight watchers quick tracker
Hello, You might want to do a search for weight watchers excel spreadsheets. There are a couple out there that you can download that may have all that information for you and all you need to do is complete the daily information. Here are a couple of links for different excel spreadsheets that may be of interest:... 4 Sep 2007 13:09
Programming Function
I'm attempting to program a new function that includes other functions provided by Bloomberg professional service. The end result needs to look like this: BDP("AUD Curncy","LAST_PRICE") The AUD Curncy is Bloomberg's security code, which I will be getting from two separate cells. I am able to put the two c... 4 Sep 2007 17:02
rename message
hi, i have a listbox in my spreadsheet which changes the page field of a pivot table in another sheet. when i select a certain value, i get an error message that sys something like "no item of this name exists in the PivotTable report. rename 'value' to 'value2'?. it only happens when i select certain val... 16 Aug 2007 20:53
How many rows?
People, I have an Excel worksheet and I have applied an autofilter to a particular column. The result is a filtered set of rows. Using VBA, what is the easiest way to, a) tell if any rows with data are in the filtered set (i.e. did the filter find anything that met the criteria)? b) get a count of how many row... 4 Aug 2007 23:41
Excel 2007 used with Oracle ADI
I have also published a question on the Oracle Metalink Forum, but who knows when I'll receive a response. We are now using Excel 2007, but we use ADI for all of our Oracle financial reporting. I learned this morning that, not only I cannot publish my report sets to Excel 2007, I cannot define reports in Ex... 3 Aug 2007 11:18
Error Trying to add Calculated Items to a pivot table
While trying to add a calculated item to a pivot table I get the following error "The item cannot be added or modified. There may not be enough memory, the maximum number of items allowed in a field may have been reached, or if a Visual Basic macro is performing the operation, the macro may be incorrect S... 19 Jul 2007 14:58
Macro error I cant solve
I have a macro the keeps falling over at the line:- ActiveSheet.Shapes("Object 1").Select The error message is:- Run-time error '-214724809 (80070057)': The item with the specified name wasn't found. Any ideas ? -- Rich ... 11 Jul 2007 04:54
office 2007 and vsto
Hi, I have an excel 2003 VSTO project . When I try open the spreadsheet with office 2007 i am getting the error: “Method not found: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.FormatCondition” Any suggestions please? Regards Jon ... 6 Jul 2007 06:31
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