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Unable to populate a range with a formula
Greetings! This one has me stumped. I am trying to populate a range with a formula. The code is: Sub TestSetAC2() Range("AC2:AC10").Formula = "=SetAC2" Exit Sub End Sub Function SetAC2() SetAC2 = 5 End Function First I opened a blank worksheet. When I execute the procedure, I get #Name? thruout ... 7 Oct 2008 20:36
Launching PowerPoint from an Excel application
I am struggling to design an application where the user can view a table and pie chart in an Excel application, and if they want, copy those pieces into an existing PowerPoint chart deck. I completed the table and pie chart in Excel. Specifically the pie chart is labeled Chart1 and the table is a range ("a1:g15")... 23 Sep 2008 11:50
Can you tell me the Print options for ExecuteExcel4Macro?
Hi, I'm trying to write a macro that will print a number of worksheets to different PDF files. I've used the macro recorder to generate sample code, and it uses ExecuteExcel4Macro to execute the print function. My problem is that when the code runs, the print dialog box waits for me to give it a file name ... 15 Sep 2008 14:18
Im trying to create a visio documet from excel and would like to know how to find all the properties that can be set for different types of objects on a visio page. for example I created a Dynamic Connector like this Set mastObj = stnObj.Masters.ItemU("Dynamic connector") Set conn = pagObj.Drop(mastObj, 5,... 28 Aug 2008 15:12
RefEdit error message "Element not found"
Hi, I'm using Excel XP and I'm trying to add a RefEdit control to a userform but I keep getting the error message "Element not found". I've checked under Tools, Additional Controls and the box for "RefEdit.Ctrl" is checked. I'm not sure what else to try. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem? ... 28 Aug 2008 05:58
Import XPS file into Excel
Greetings - I need some help with working with XPS files and Excel. I have a table that I need to import from the web - it is on an https website - it's secure and therefore will not let me copy/paste - I have created a work-around that consists of saving the file as a "print - to - file" - in XPS - and now... 11 Aug 2008 18:45
Run time Error
I have a procedure the deletes a sheet and updates a listbox on a worksheet. I get the following error when this part of the code is ran "Sheets("Home").OLEObjects("ListBox1").ListFillRange = "wrkshtrng"" The error I get is this: run-time error '-2147352567 (80020009)': Could not set the listcursor property... 18 Jul 2008 21:39
Using Foxpro from within Excel
Does anyone now how to incorporate the foxpro code "=sys(3050,1,100000) into a VB macro so that the remote machines I am using restrict foreground/background buffer memory. The following is taken from Microsoft's own website.... "Using the commands COPY, APPEND, DELETE, INDEX, PACK or SQL-SELECT on a large ... 12 Jun 2008 10:17
How to add a combo box in a cell using the office web component 11
I am using office web component through c#. I am using AxMicrosoft.Office.Interop.Owc11.AxSpreadsheet control. I want to implement a combobox in the sheet of a particular column with some fixed value like list of cities so that user can select the city provided in the combo box.How can I achieve this. Please hel... 10 Jun 2008 01:44
code to extract data from a website runs of XP but not Vista
I am working on code to extract data from a website. I am using CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") to start IE. The code is far from working perfectly but when I moved the code from an XP computer to a Vista computer I can't get past the “Do Until .readystate = 4” statement. IE opens visible and I... 15 May 2008 20:45
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