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Calculate week from current day
This is probably an easy question, but i'll ask anyhow: One of my subroutines is passed the current date in "mm-dd-yy" format. For example, it would pass in a value of "12-04-09" for today's date. I now need some code that will give me the Sunday to Saturday date range that coincides with the current date. ... 4 Dec 2009 08:28
Email excel - 1 sheet in body 1 attachment
Hi, I am using Ron de Bruins's Mail_ActiveSheet etc. I would like to sent 1 sheet in the body and 1 sheet as an attachment, however I can't find this combination on his site. My effort to try and combine.....enough said! Pse help -- HJN ... 2 Dec 2009 14:25
hi friends i want to concatenate the value in cell A1 AND A2 AND PUT IN A1. SUPPOSE " string1" is a string variable EG. SUPPOSE A1 contains "office" and A2 contains "KB" , THEN variable string1=OfficeKB and assign to A1. THIS MUST BE DONE FOR A SET OV VALUES -- Message posted via http://... 2 Dec 2009 02:10
Run MS Access macro from Excel VBA
Hi all, How can i run access macro from excel vba. i have macro in access database to print reports. how can i run that from excel. Please can any friend help me on this. ... 30 Nov 2009 16:59
What is a user form?
My company finally upgraded to Excel 2007. I've been reading in this newsgroup about user forms and thought that once I finally got 2007 I'd see for myself. But looking in the help files, I don't see anything for User Forms. Is this just a slang term for the Developer tab? What am I missing? Thanks! Jennifer... 30 Nov 2009 16:59
Excel 2007 Chart colorindex?
I have a macro that changes colors in a bar chart. The following code worked in Excel XP. Sheets("Chart").SeriesCollection(1).Interior.ColorIndex = 5 This command crashes Excel 2007, and I've noticed that the ColorIndex property does not ever appear to be a property of the SeriesCollection object in Excel ... 14 Dec 2009 06:38
new excell will not read old excell file
I have just installed office home and student into a new computer but when try to run one of my existing file it tells me it is corrupt. It runs fine in the old computer. please help ... 28 Nov 2009 21:12
Add to an Existing formula in a Cell using VBA
Hi, I am trying to figure out how to do the following: Assume you have a formula like sum (A1:A5) in cell A6. What I need to do is add a sumproduct formula to the existing formula using vba. For example, the formula in cell A6 will be updated to sum(A1:A5)/ SUMPRODUCT((C4:C8=B1)*(D4:D8=B2)) Any ideas or su... 27 Nov 2009 18:55
putting a picture onto a userform without using the vba window.
I have userforms which I activate to show text information. I would like to be able to paste a picture from the clipboard onto an opened userform so that there is a picture as well as text. The picture would be a copied picture from the web or a copied wmf from another application Traditionally the way to ... 29 Nov 2009 12:24
kb973593 bug
Does any one know if Microsoft is aware of the kb973593 bug and if they are fixing it? ... 11 Jan 2010 12:01
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