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Excel Macro: insert formula into first blank cell in column & auto
Okay, I have tried searching the group as well as google but so far I'm coming up short. I'm able to put together a macro which would autofill a totally blank column down to the bottom of the data, however, I'm not sure how to make a macro that finds the first blank cell in a partially populated column, enters... 22 Dec 2009 07:04
Getting Data from a 2nd sheet to show in a dropdown box on sheet 1
I am tring to fill in some fields on 1 sheet from data on another I have an sheet1 where there is Name, Address, City, State, Zipcode, and phone. I want a drop downbox to list the names on another sheet2 if the name is on sheet 2 you select it in the combobox, it then fills in all the fields Name, Address, City,... 22 Dec 2009 03:50
Problem with external data and #reference error
Hi, my Excel workbook has 2 sheets: 1. Source: with an external data reference to a MS Access database Query property "If number of rows changes after refresh" is set to option #1: "Insert cells for new data, delete unused cells" User chooses external query selection criteria and therefore can ... 21 Dec 2009 09:06
How to browse folder and open xls file automatically in vba?
Hi, My Task now is to create excel macro that can: 1) User browse folder 2) Click folder--open then 3) Macro will automatically open all Excel file one by one 4) After open --- collect certain data 5) Close file Anyone pls help for the VBA code. Thanks ... 23 Dec 2009 06:23
Creating folder names from column data in excel
Hi, I have a list of names in excel, approx 500 long. I need to create a folder for each one. How do i do it automatically? Thanks ... 21 Dec 2009 20:17
How to prevent "Private Sub Workbook_SheetSelectionChange" to execute when a certain sub is executed ?
You can turn off event handling with the Enable Events property: Application.EnableEvents = False ' your code here Application.EnableEvents = True Cordially, Chip Pearson Microsoft MVP 1998 - 2010 Pearson Software Consulting, LLC [email on web site] On Fri, 18 Dec 2009 21:55:19 +010... 19 Dec 2009 08:22
Excel List
I'm using Excel 2007. I have a range of items that are set up as a list. In the column where I select from the list my drop down box does not allow me to put in a character such as "R" then go to that group of names. How do I set this up so that I do not have to scroll down the complete list before getting t... 18 Dec 2009 16:09
VBA--Suppress error message,corrupt file or unrecognizable format
I'm using Excel 2003. I'm looping through files, opening them, and writing info into another Excel spreadsheet. I need to check for corrupt excel files and unrecognizable formats. I'm getting close, but I'm getting the error message "this file is not in a recognizable format" and the user would have to remem... 18 Dec 2009 11:39
Resize Table Range to exclude zero values and Input New Range into a chart object
I'm new to programming and am trying to create code to read a row cells C5 - C24 and determine what cell has a 0 value (The row is always sorted by descending values). So I want to read each cell starting with C5 through the end of the range C24, and stop when it gets the first 0 value. Here is my code so far. (w... 18 Dec 2009 10:31
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