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Get Picture from Access OLE Object Field
I am importing data from an Access database by opening a DAO recordset object. Transferring the text is easy. There are graphics (bmp/jpeg) stored in an OLE Object field that I need to programmatically “paste” into the workbook. Any ideas? -- terri ... 13 Jan 2010 16:37
Question on Form Textboxes
Hello all, In every worksheet of my Excel file, I have Form type Text Boxes. I need help with activating the Locked Text of those text boxes when I click on the command button. Could you please help me? Below is the code I currently have, and it's not working. Dim objT As OLEObject Dim sh As Workshe... 13 Jan 2010 00:03
"I have a distribution list of 5 cities in cell A1, 5 manufacturers in cell B1, 5 products category in cell C1, and 5 product list in cell D1." Now, I want that if I select one particular city in cell A1, then it should give me options to select manufacturers available in that city only. Again, when I select ... 12 Jan 2010 15:13
E-mail excel attachment via Lotus Notes
Hi I have a workbook that when I press a button needs to e-mail the active sheet or workbook as an attachment from Lotus Notes. I use the following code, but can not get the attachmentstrig to work. Any ideas? Sub Send_Excel_Cell_Content_To_Lotus_Notes2() Dim noSession As Object, noDatabase As Object, noDo... 12 Jan 2010 10:41
Create a workbook with macros from inside another macro
Hi guys. I'm running a macro that creates a workbook with some sheets and formulas. Now I need to put some VBA code inside this new workbook, for example, an AutoOpen() macro. Can someone send me an example of how can I do it (if it is possible, at least). Thanks in advance. -------------------------... 12 Jan 2010 11:50
macro to sum with offset in 2 cell as other cell changed
I need to create macro with this scenario: F - quantity H - 1 serial I - 2 serial For example some cells: H644 =SUM(I643+1) I644 =SUM(I643+F644) So when I put some number in cell F644, sums correctly calculated, then one by one cell as i enter some in F Thank you. ... 13 Jan 2010 02:13
Morefunc dying
<sigh>. It seems morefunc.xll, Laurent Longre's excellent add-in, is less and less functional in Excel 2007. I know have several functions that, when implemented, result in Excel crashing. The most recent was INDIRECT.EXT, which allows the use of the INDIRECT function on closed workbooks. If I had open the work... 13 Jan 2010 05:27
Selecting & copying a named range through a listbox
When i click on a button i want a listbox to pop up. In this listbox there has to appear a list with named ranges. The named range which is selected in this listbox has to be copied Can somenone give me some code for this. That's it ! Thanxxx, Luc ... 12 Jan 2010 16:20
Calculating cells on workbook_open failing without message
I have to refresh 2 cells when the workbook is opened. I have an On Error surrounding my code that gets run. The err.Description is always empty yet my error message box is being shown and my cells don't open. Each of the two cells are named - pdate and fdate. They call a function which is located in an addin.... 12 Jan 2010 08:14
2003 vs 2007
I now have 2003 and 2007 on my machine. When I run a macro with the following code: Set xlApp = New Excel.Application 2007 is the version that opens. However, the results are saved in a 2007 workbook. The report gets sent to a number of users who only have 2003. How can I open Excel in 2003 or save the ... 12 Jan 2010 08:14
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