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Retrieving Archived (EAS) Outlook Attachment
I have been succesfull at opening excel workbooks in outlook messages and handling the workbook accordingly. I am now trying to open a message that has an Excel attachment but the message/attachment has been archived and therefore any attachments (and perhaps the message itself) now has an EAS file name which ... 7 Oct 2009 16:26
Referring to Excel objects in VSTO
Hi, I'm using Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition and Microsoft Office 2003 and working with an Excel 2003 Workbook template. The language I'm using is Visual Basic. When I'm in one of Excel's objects (like a worksheet), I can refer to objects like in Me.Application.Workbooks(1). However, when I insert ... 7 Oct 2009 10:48
Auto-Protect Sheet on Open and on Close
I have the following code in ThisWorkbook: Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean) Call ApplySecurity End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Open() Call ApplySecurity End Sub I have this in a Module: Sub ApplySecurity() ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True Ac... 6 Oct 2009 14:53
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel myexcel = new EXCEL.Application
Thanks Very much for your replay! What Do you mean by "reference set to the object model" ? the code workers perfect in my local! the problem is in the server "Patrick Molloy" wrote: you have a reference set to the object model? "samsonk" wrote: I keep getting the error message when trying to... 5 Oct 2009 12:25
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel myexcel = new EXCEL.Application()
I keep getting the error message when trying to execute Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application myexcel = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application() In the bigining the error message was Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {00024500-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} failed due to ... 7 Oct 2009 09:40
Getting data from a closed wbook
Hi Getting data from a closed wbook. These wsheet formulae work fine on numerical fields but not on text. Gets from a closed wbook the value in the last used cell of a column. =LOOKUP(99^99,'C:\Path\[File.xls]Sheet1'!A:A) Gets from a closed wbook the last used row number of a column. =MATCH(99^99,'C:\Path\[Fi... 6 Oct 2009 12:38
Counting records with ADO
Hi michdenis I get an error at Rst1.Find X X returns a value in Field 0. Whilst Rst.MoveLast is used I am not able to verify that is working as I believe is intended because that field contains records which coincidently are all the same so I'm not able to tell if X is the first or last record. (I do not w... 3 Oct 2009 07:46
PDF export add-in
I am using a macro to loop through several workbooks and publish selected sheets to PDF. The sheets have both tables and charts and are scaled at about 85% to fit on a single page. The PDFs retain the correct print area/scaling size, the problem is the the charts seem to stay at 100% so they end up being cut-off.... 29 Sep 2009 10:46
Make protected hidden row & column headers appear and rehide based
ActiveWindow.DisplayHeadings = False "Michael Lanier" wrote: I need to resize select columns and rows whenever A1="Resize". Columns and rows are hidden and the sheet is password protected (password="sparrow"). When A1="Resize", I need the hidden row and column headers to appear so another macro I have... 28 Sep 2009 14:49
1004 error when using ATPVBAEN.XLAM!Regress
Hi all Im in a bit of trouble here. I need to do a OLS regression and i recorded a macro using the Regression from the VBA Tool Pack. But whenever i run it, I get the following error: Run-time error '1004': Method 'Run' of object '_Application' failed the code looks as follows: Application.Run "ATP... 25 Sep 2009 09:45
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