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Match with Online Security?
I've searched Quicken Help, and I can't find how to match securities in Quicken with online securities. So here's my situation and question: I have a 403b with Fidelity NetBenefits. I've been downloading transactions for sometime now and am currently using QP2006. I've had this account for years. I convert... 14 Oct 2005 13:36
IRA Distribution
Using q06p Took a required IRA distribution; the brokerage broke it into 3 withdrawals: 1. the am't that went to me (it was transferred to a taxable acc't but there is no way to show this in downloaded form just the neg in the ira & a matching cash deposit in the other acc't) 2. fed withholding 3. state withh... 18 Sep 2005 18:55
"you have transactions to review" flag doesn't go away
I just updated to Quicken 2006, largely to get rid of a bug that tech support told me by phone should be fixed...and it didn't. For about a year, using Quicken 2004, after a WebConnect download went goofy, I've had a flag for "you have transactions to review" that I can't get rid of. There are no transacations... 7 Sep 2005 10:19
How do I disable the registration reminder from Quicken 98?
I installed my old Quicken 98 on my new Dell desktop and I'm planning on keeping it -- because I can't get the MS Money 05 to import the QIF files properly. The only annoyance with 98, which actually works well for my purposes, is that it's always bugging me to register the product. Trouble is, you can't do tha... 12 Aug 2005 11:21
Quickpayroll "Send to Quicken"
I recently had to reinstall Windows XP, Quicken 2004 and Quickpayroll. When I try to "Send to Quicken" I get the following error: "unable to load qcon32.dll" Intuit's site did not have a direct answer, but a related error answer said to copy the file from Quicken's directory to Quickpayroll's directory. Still ... 22 Jul 2005 02:07
Need Help
Hello all, I just installed Quicken 2003 in my new computer which runs Windows XP. I made copies of the data from the Quicken 2000 program in my old computer. I have tried unsuccessfully 6 times to install these files but to no avail. Could someone give me easy to understand step by step instructions on how... 17 Jul 2005 12:56
Mutual Fund Conversion from Class B Shares to Class A Share
I have a mutual fund investment which converts from Class B Shares to Class A Shares 72 months after the investment. The conversion is not considered a taxable event. Selling Class B Shares outright is a taxable event. I have these investments set-up in single Investment Account within Quicken. Each month I rec... 3 Jul 2005 13:45
CitiBank & ATT Downloads
Quicken 2005 Premier, Windows XP For the last 3 days I have gotten an error message when I attempt to download the ATT credit card into Quicken. Error Message was an OL 301A error. Today I called ATT Tech support and they said go to the ATT web site and click on the "Quicken Download" button to re-establish t... 8 Jun 2005 22:34
Q2004 - "Could not record transfer"
I have a loan account and sometimes (not always) when I try to split my checking account payment into the loan and interest accounts I get a "Could not record transfer" error. when I right click on that transaction and try to "Go to transfer" I get an error message that the transfer account does not exist. ... 14 May 2005 11:54
Simple questions
I have a simple question - but not knowing the answer bugs me. Any help? Whenever I backup Quicken 2004 to a directory elsewhere on the same hard drive, a Q3.dir file is always created on my desktop. Is this significant? Where should the Q3.dir file normally be created? Does it matter where the file is located? (... 27 Feb 2005 13:56
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