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What will happen to transaction log if we take a full backup?
Jay Konigsberg wrote: Also, if you restore a transaction log with records dating before the date of the full backup, SQL Server will happily (and silently) skip over any transaction log records dated before the backup. Interesting! I didn't know about this. -- Gerry Hickman (London UK) ... 9 Mar 2010 13:32
SQL SERVER 2005 Database Engine Tuning Advisor Error "Statement does not reference any tables"
hi guys, I had a trace file from production (almost all stored proc execution events) and I'm using it to tune agaist the exact copy of production database. After running an hour, the progress shows in the Reason column almost all "Statement does not reference any tables" and there's no recommendation at all. In... 9 Mar 2010 13:32
SQL Server 2008 - Performance Alert Recommendations
Hello, I have just completed a migration from SQL Server 2000 to 2008 and am in the process of applying the finishing touches on the SQL 2008 server. I am currently creating Alerts and was looking for recommendations on what performance alerts to add. I have added a few obvious ones like Deadlocks = 1 and... 10 Mar 2010 04:13
Index on a Timestamp Column
I have been asked to index the Timestamp column on our main source system database (1.3TB). The proposed index's are to help decrease the load time of our datawarehouse. My question is, are timestamp columns good candidates for indexes. (The warehouse selects between two timestamp values) considering the consta... 10 Mar 2010 18:43
Is there any way to check GRANT VIEW DEFINITION ?
There is a request to grant privilege to a particular user for viewing stored procedure source code for all databases. We searched the web and applied the following script: USE master GO GRANT VIEW ANY DEFINITION TO User1 Is there any way to check the view definition has been granted ? We have tried sp_... 17 Mar 2010 06:54
SQL Server Drops connection after long timeout with replication partner
Hello, I have both SQL server 2005 that have replication set-up between eachother. It seems that when my site-to-site VPN drops for a medium period (such as 1hr, 2hr) bothe servers no longer respond to client connections. Restarting the "SQL server Browser" service on both machines instantly resolves the prob... 9 Mar 2010 03:29
Long execution time for UPDATE tbl SET @var = col = {expression} under SQL2000
Folks: We have SP queries like: UPDATE tbl SET @var = col = col + 1 WHERE keycol = x; -- update single row, indexed This query can sometimes sit for several _minutes_ on a MSSQL2000SP4 box, but we don't see similar delays on a MSSQL2000SP4+postSP4hotfixes box under large testing load. Is the pe... 29 Mar 2010 12:31
Primary Key - string or integer
What do you thing how slow will that be if string is used as primary key field type? I know most of the primary key defined as integer type ( We are using string as primary key field type: VARCHAR(36). We use the GUID type string. ... 12 Mar 2010 10:33
A Question about SQL Server 2008 Installation
There are 6 cumulative updates after SQL Server 2008 SP1. If I setup a new server, after install SP1, should I install each of the cumulative updates, or just install the last one? In other words, does the last update include all previous updates? Thanks, Lijun ... 8 Mar 2010 17:35
What will happen to transaction log if we take a full backup ?
We are running daily database backup and transaction log backup every hour. We would like to know if we make a full backup mid way the day (Like: 12:20pm), can we still be able to restore point in time to a time before that full backup (Like: restore from last night backup and transaction log backup to 11:15am... 9 Mar 2010 13:32
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